11 Best Practices to Boost Landing Page Conversions with Video

When it comes to video content on landing pages , marketers tend to either totally crush it, or completely bomb. Your landing page videos may fail for several reasons. Typically, this is because the videos on landing pages are: Too long. On the wrong section of the landing page. Missing a key component (like a call-to-action). Don’t make these same mistakes! This article will explain why landing page videos are so important, and share 11 landing page video best practices that will help increase conversions. Why You Need a Landing Page Video Ten years ago, having a landing page video was a high-end novelty. In 2018, there’s no doubt having a landing page video means increasing your chance of converting. In fact, having a landing page video can increase conversions by 80 percent (if you do it right). According to a 2017 HubSpot survey, more than half of its respondents said video was the one element of content they wanted more of. Video beat out ebooks, blog articles, and podcasts. Why? Well, a lot of us get lazy and just prefer watching videos over reading. Forbes Insights found 60 percent of us would rather watch a video than read. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that people spend more time on landing pages with videos – and those videos help those consumers make purchase decisions. In addition, 70 percent of marketing professionals now believe that video converts better than any other medium — one modern landing pages can no longer ignore. Let’s dig into best practices around how you can cash in through your own landing page videos. 1. Your Videos Should Educate If someone has already landed on your website, there’s a good chance they’re there to find out more about your product or brand. It’s a golden chance to educate them on your product. Having a video full of fluff is worse than not having one at all. When Marcus Taylor, CEO of BrokerNotes and Leadformly, added video to their home page, they saw a steady increase in signups and a drop in churn as a result: “16 percent of all visitors to the Leadformly site watch the video, which has increased not only on-site engagement but the number of paid signups we receive by 34%. Anecdotally, we’ve also seen a reduction in customers signing up to use Leadformly who didn’t understand the product or may not be a good fit, which consequently helps to reduce churn and supporting bad-fit customers.” Think about your landing page video as an elevator pitch gone digital. In under a minute or so, you should try and get across: Who you are. What you do and why you do it better than your competitors. Why you are different. How all of the above will help your prospect and solve their pains. Sounds simple enough, right? Hardly! Condensing all that information into a 1-2 minute video is anything but easy. Automated email follow-up software Rebump is an awesome example of educating […]

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