The Key Difference Between a Content Writer and a Technical Writer

The Key Difference Between a Content Writer and a Technical Writer

Writing is one of the most unique professions in today’s day and age. There are very few other jobs that allow you to exploit your creativity as much as writing does. The more creative and organized you are, the better will be your acceptability as a technical or content writer.

But not all forms of writing are created alike.

While some want you to be as creative as you can, others require more patience, streamlining, and sticking to the rules.

The key difference between content writing and technical writing is its goal. While content writing aims to motivate, technical writing seeks to educate.

Read on to understand the top-3 critical differences between a content writer and a technical writer. The Top-3 Key Differences Between Content Writer and Technical Writer Job

Difference in Purpose

Although a content writer and a technical writer’s primary task is the same – to write, what they write about, and why they write can be entirely different.

If you are a content writer, you have to be a jack and master of varied subjects. On some days, you will write about medical science, while on others, you may have to act as a finance professional. As long as you know the art of writing, no subject on earth should seem difficult to you.

Content writing has two types – web content writing and academic content writing.

The primary purpose of web content writing is to catch the content-hungry netizens’ attention and draw them towards your website. To do that, you have to employ techniques like keyword positioning and search engine optimization.

An academic writer’s task is to prepare resources and reference materials for students pursuing their formal or technical education. You have to simplify complex topics and make life easier for students seeking help.

A technical writer does something entirely different. You will work in close coordination with departments like manufacturing, marketing, finance, etc., to discover the purpose of writing. You have to create user guides, design technical presentations, prepare product manuals and specifications, and write tutorials.

As a technical writer, you have to maintain a professional tone and follow the client-provided or industry-approved format to the tee. Always remember that you are writing to integrate a product or a service with the user’s life. You will simplify jargon and make it more reader-friendly.Hence, a content writer writes to catch readers’ attention, while a technical writer writes to make a product or service simple to understand. The Difference in Skills Required to Excel Before understanding the differences, let’s know what’s common between a content writer and a technical writer.The most critical skills that a writer should possess are time management, patience, good communication, and sound knowledge of grammar and spelling.However, what makes them different is the way they use this knowledge. While a technical writer sticks to a documentation plan, the content writer relies on a content plan.A technical writer has to follow a specific type of language which targets a particular category of users. The writing style has to be formal and to the […]

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