How to Hire Top-Tier Freelance Writers for your Content Business

How to Hire Top-Tier Freelance Writers for your Content Business

Delegation is a part of building any content empire — but copywriting isn’t a task you want to throw to someone just because their schedule is open. Although the average person is capable of tapping out a decent email or social media post, it takes an experienced copywriter to create compelling content. A perfectly-scribed blog post or advertisement can easily impress your viewership and bring in a fresh wave of business, and thanks to social media and the rise of the freelancing lifestyle, there are plenty of places to find talented writers.

Of course, you should know what you’re looking for before jumping into the water. Are you hoping for someone to write just an article or two a week, or do you need someone who can juggle multiple formats: press releases, blog posts, ad copy and clever Instagram captions? Would you prefer to pay per word, or per hour? (Some content-savvy business owners prefer to pay per word so they know they’re only paying for time going into a finished product, while some writers prefer to be paid per hour to account for research and editing time.) Is this a long-term gig, or do you only need help for a matter of weeks? Knowing the answers to these questions ahead of time will not only allow you to approach the search with confidence but also convey to freelance writers that you have respect for their time and know-how.

Once you know what you’re actually hiring for, you’re ready to start looking for a writer. We’ve compiled a few well-known, and lesser known, resources for you to source the perfect freelance writer for your content business.

Believe it or not, Twitter is a central hub for freelancers to connect with one another, swap tips about gig life and seek out new opportunities. Just about every writer wants to build a platform there — it isn’t uncommon for writers to post their bylines in their bios and retweet their own work — so it isn’t a bad place to peruse if you’re searching for talent. You can start by sifting through hashtags like #freelancewriter and #copywriter, or if you know of a couple writers you admire, you can look through their followed accounts for similar connections. Hot tip: Writers almost always follow other writers. You can also tweet out a summary of the gig for which you’re hoping to hire. Some freelance writers subscribe to newsletters that compile opportunities like these posted to social media, which is yet another way they’ll find your job posting. Just make sure to provide a way for people to contact you. Freelancing platforms

Freelancing platforms allow you to browse seemingly unlimited talent, and plenty of them can help you save time by posting a gig for writers to bid on too. Platforms like Upwork , WriterAccess or Fiverr are all great resources for content businesses looking to source top-talent content writers. Make sure to pay attention to freelancers’ ratings, though; plenty of aspiring writers join these platforms […]

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