15 Ways to Make Money Freelance Writing (And How to Start) in 2021

15 Ways to Make Money Freelance Writing (And How to Start) in 2021

If you’re trying to make money freelance writing, take heart: there are a lot of ways to get it done. But it’s understandable if you’re worried about how to start or how to find freelance writing gigs. Luckily, there are a lot of ways to make money writing online. This guide is intended to be a hyper-practical way to help you get going, figure out your niche, and start finding clients. How to start freelance writing

At its core, all freelancing is about execution. You get paid to do something for a client – and are either paid for the deliverable you produce or your time to produce it. Freelance writing is no different. Regardless of what kind of writing you do, you will be paid to produce content for your clients. Set up your freelance writing business

Setting up your freelance writing business requires three main tasks:

1 – Basic administrative stuff : Get your business registered (you can start with self-employed) and make sure you have simple invoicing software and business banking set up (you can use a free tool like Wave to get started easily).

2 – Finding your focus : This is when you can get selfish. Think about all the kinds of content you like to write – fiction, non-fiction, interviews, investigative, research, and more. Document everything you like writing and would happily do for someone else. You can also note all the types of content you hate writing or aren’t strong in (this will come in handy later).

3 – Identifying your ideal client : Think about the types of content you want to write, then document the types of people or businesses that might need that content. Chances are it will be a wide list. You can narrow it down by thinking about how you like to work . For instance, if you like more consistent work, even if it’s tedious, you might like a bigger corporation. If you like fast, nimble work, you may enjoy working with startups. Build a portfolio

Because people hire freelancers to do something for them, the first step to starting in freelance writing is to have a writing portfolio . While that term might make you think of art school students with big books of images, a writing portfolio is really just examples you can send to prospective clients so they can see your writing style.

Here are a few ways to start a freelance writing portfolio: Self publishing

Whatever kind of content you want to do for others, try publishing for yourself. If that’s blogs, consider publishing on LinkedIn or Medium (both free). If it’s web copy or a newsletter, build one for yourself. This is a great way to prove you can write in a certain way or create a certain type of content. And because it’s “owned” content (i.e. you published under your own name), there’s no concern about devaluing your work. Write your own blog

Becoming a freelance blogger is a way you […]

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