6 Freelance Writing Tips to Try in 2021

6 Freelance Writing Tips to Try in 2021

If you want to make money writing, having the ability to write is just the beginning. The content landscape is ever-changing, and so are the tools and skills necessary to stay in the game. But maybe you’re asking, is there a place for another newbie freelance writer in a market that’s already saturated?

The thing is there are tons of available jobs for freelance writers. Just Google “freelance writing sites to find paid work,” or, “best places to find paid writing gigs,” and you’ll come up with millions of results.

Although untold numbers of people self-identify as freelance writers, the truth of the matter is not all of them are good at freelancing.

I’m not saying their writing is crappy. What I’m saying is that not a lot of them know how to find jobs, market themselves, or are willing to learn or keep up with the changing nature of the content landscape.

But if you’re someone who’s willing to do the legwork — and there’s much to do, just to set your expectations — the answer is yes, there’s always room for good freelance writers.

I’ve been freelance writing since 2012, and, since that time, I’ve picked up quite a handful of tips, both from successful freelance writers and from my own freelancing experience in general.

In this guide, I’m sharing some advice that can help you get started as a freelance writer. 1. Don’t just like writing — love it!

Much of what you’ll be doing will involve writing, lots and lots of it. So if you don’t particularly like writing and have only chosen it from a list of freelance options to try to survive COVID-19 , take a step back and do a gut check. Writing as a career can easily become a chore — make that an agonizing experience — if it’s not something you’re passionate about.

And, of course, there’s the issue of writing about topics that can bore you to tears — specifically technical topics you don’t know much about. The goal is to eventually work into a niche, but if you’re still starting out, chances are you may have to write about topics that don’t interest or inspire you as you create your portfolio. 2. Learn how to market yourself

To stay in the freelance writing business for the long haul, you need a marketing plan. A freelancer is technically an independent contractor, not an employee , which means that, in order to make freelance writing sustainable, your ideal clients should be able to find you.

Most people find self-promotion embarrassing, but learning how to market your services as a freelancer is necessary to develop a strong personal brand and consequently sell your services to the right people.

Here are a few tips to get you started marketing your freelance writing services:

• Launch a writing website (more on this below).• Start guest posting, which is writing for websites other than yours to get you noticed and boost the value of your brand. Ideally, you want your guest posts on high-quality […]

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