Wordtune is an AI-led co-writer that bolsters your writing to make it more compelling

Wordtune is an AI-led co-writer that bolsters your writing to make it more compelling

A large part of the writing and editing process today is manual and involves humans to check and edit the final copy before it is published. If you’re a creative professional whose work revolves primarily around writing, you would be aware of the different writing assistants that have emerged over the past few years. Ones that help you fix the glaring grammatical and spelling mistakes you have in your copy to simplify your editing process. However, while these tools work well with edits, they do not offer much in terms of the writing process. Fortunately, though, thanks to AI and the emergence of advanced (NLP) language models, we are starting to see tools that augment your writing process and help you convey your idea effectively. Wordtune AI powered writing companion One such offering is a relatively new product that lets you write better and translate your thoughts into words effectively. Called Wordtune, the tool is essentially an extension for Chromium-based browsers, powered by AI, which provides you tailored suggestions for words and sentences in your writing to make it clear and easy to comprehend.

Let’s check out Wordtune and find out how you can include it in your creative workflow to improve your content.

Wordtune is an AI-powered writing companion that helps you in the writing process to make your content more compelling, impactful, and at the same time, easy to comprehend. It is available as a free browser extension for Chromium-based browsers and can be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store. You can install it on a compatible browser and use it while writing on different platforms like Google Docs, Sheets, Gmail, Facebook, and Twitter, to name a few. Wordtuner AI writing companion functionalities How does Wordtune work?

Developed by AI21 Labs: a startup co-founded by AI luminaries of Israel’s IDF, headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel, Wordtune utilizes the power of AI and language models to suggest to you the different ways of conveying your message while maintaining the same intent. To do this, the service relies on some of the recent advancements in the field of natural language processing (NLP), primarily the new kind of neural networks, called Transformers, and the extensive language models that boast billions of parameters.

In this regard, we already have companies like Google and Microsoft, who are implementing neural networks for their ‘smart compose’ and ‘rewrite suggestions’ feature on Gmail and Word, respectively. Likewise, there are many GPT-3 tools for copywriting for different kinds of marketing materials, ad campaigns, emails, and even blog posts. But, unlike any of those, AI21 Labs is taking a rather different approach with Wordtune. As per one of its co-founders, the system employed on Wordtune is a “ fusion of neural network-based language models and an older form of artificial intelligence (AI) that seeks to represent human knowledge, like vocabulary and the meaning of words, in a graph structure. ” What this essentially means is that this fusion is part of the system that allows the system to have a […]

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