The Power of Outsourcing for E-Book Writing

The Power of Outsourcing for E-Book Writing

E-books offer your company an opportunity to showcase deep knowledge and expertise in one topic area, and they can be a key tool for generating qualified leads. The challenge for many marketing teams (both big and small) is finding the time to research and create long-form content on a topic in e-book format. If you want to make e-books a part of your content marketing strategy but have neither the writing skills nor the time to create them, outsource e-book writing with the right content partner. mohamed_hassan / Pixabay Why e-books should be part of your content marketing strategy

Before we get too far into a discussion about outsourcing e-books, let’s take a minute to clarify a few terms: E-book: This is a long-form piece of content (over 1,500 words) used as part of your content marketing strategy. An e-book is usually published digitally as a PDF and is available for download from your website or landing page. It’s designed with colorful graphics, links and other elements to allow a reader to easily scan the content.

Whitepaper: This is a research-heavy document that breaks down complex topics to inform or facilitate decisions on an issue. While they can seem similar, whitepapers are usually more text-heavy and only include charts or graphs to present data.

Self-published book: This could be in an electronic format and may even be called an e-book, but it’s not quite the same as a marketing e-book. Electronic self-published books are longer, similar to a printed book. They are often available on e-readers (such as a Kindle) or as a PDF. Whereas a marketing e-book is usually free in exchange for contact information (email, name, phone number), self-published books usually cost money.

Now that we have clarified all of these, let’s talk about why writing and publishing e-books is a common strategy for high-performing brands: They offer a unique opportunity to reach your audience and provide a more detailed overview of a topic.

They showcase expertise and build trust with your audience.

You can add graphics, charts, interactive content, and links for further analysis and education.

They are relatively quick and inexpensive to produce.

Audiences perceive them as more valuable than a basic blog post and are willing to provide their information in exchange (top-performing marketing e-books generate thousands of engagements and downloads).

You can distribute them through different digital channels to boost leads and conversions.

The pros and cons of outsourcing e-book writing

There are good reasons to outsource e-book writing and other good reasons to consider doing it in house. The exact answer to whether you should outsource your e-book writing depends on your available resources and how e-books fit into your overall digital marketing strategy. Pros of e-book outsourcing

You can: Create a lot of content quickly even with a small marketing team. Get more specialized writing skills from writers who focus exclusively on content creation. Tap into expertise that you don’t have on your own team. Provide native-language fluency for international e-book […]

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