3 Top Skills SEO Content Writers Need to Succeed

3 Top Skills SEO Content Writers Need to Succeed

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I’ve been working with other SEO industry professionals of all stripes, from technical SEO specialists to web developers, for decades.

I feel that every individual in an SEO setting needs to bring some innate skill to a role, but there is also expertise that is often learned best on the job itself.

SEO content writers know this as well as anyone.

If you want to enter digital marketing as a content marketer, you might be surprised that strong writing skills are necessary but not sufficient.

There are plenty of core SEO concepts with which content writers must be familiar if they intend to do their jobs well by writing content that ranks for their clients.

Here are three skills that SEO content writers need to succeed in the industry. 1. Diverse Writing Skills

No surprise here: the first core skill an SEO content writer needs is the ability to master different writing styles.

When a writer joins an agency, chances are good that the writer will be tasked with generating content for all kinds of clients.

Employees of digital marketing agencies know this to be true: content writers can spend the morning writing for a candy company and a funeral home, then turn to a blog post about the construction industry later on.

The content itself is different for each of those clients, but what matters is the tone.Tone is something that readers can’t exactly discern from words themselves, but rather from the sound of the words when put together.Funeral home content deserves a serious, straightforward, and compassionate tone, while candy ad copy calls for writing that is lighthearted and fun.A strong SEO content writer not only knows instinctively what kind of tone to use but how to go about using that tone in a way that is engaging to readers.Speaking of engagement, this next skill is also absolutely crucial for any SEO content writer who wants to make it big. 2. Understanding Search Intent The content writers you employ in your digital marketing agency don’t need to be consummate gurus in SEO to succeed in their roles.But there is also a method to content writing that fits in perfectly with SEO as a whole, and that is the understanding of searcher intent.If content writers want to be engaging in their work, they need more than just professional writing skills.To be engaging, writers must generate the content that online users actually want to read, rather than simply tossing subjects at the wall to see what sticks.Now, SEO professionals and other industry experts know all the tools that content writers use to determine what people are searching for, tools such as BuzzSumo and SEMrush.Being aware of these tools isn’t the hard part; it’s using the information […]

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