QuillBot’s New Grammar Checker Uses Cutting-Edge AI to Perfect Your Writing

QuillBot's New Grammar Checker Uses Cutting-Edge AI to Perfect Your Writing

CHICAGO, March 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — QuillBot announced the release of its highly anticipated grammar checker today. QuillBot’s AI-based writing platform now hosts a variety of time-saving tools that help make writing painless for 5 million global monthly active users. This new tool combines spelling, grammar, and punctuation correction tactics backed by powerful AI models, flagging errors and suggesting edits. QuillBot users began asking for this type of tool to complement the platform’s paraphrasing and summarizing tools in late 2020. The goal was to simplify users’ workflows, all while staying within the AI writing platform to streamline the process. (PRNewsfoto/QuillBot) QuillBot’s flagship paraphraser was the first of its kind to truly function as a full-sentence thesaurus. Users rave about the sleek interface and the wide variety of writing modes and features that make articulating even the most complex ideas a breeze for both English speakers and learners. The paraphrasing tool helps with everything from fixing an awkward email, making a meandering paragraph more to-the-point, to rewording cited facts to build an argument. It’s also helpful when ideas feel difficult to capture. English language learners (ELLs) and newer writers benefit immensely from being able to see the options for changing a verb or clause within their written work to better reflect the tone and style of their ideas. Further, ELLs bolster their knowledge of the English language when they can see words, phrases, and idioms in context.

In the middle of 2020, the QuillBot summarizer was launched. It has since become a game changer for many users because it simplifies keeping up with news articles, long memos, and everything in between by identifying only the most important information. Students, bloggers, researchers, and even attorneys use the summarizer to find, compare, and contrast sources quickly and easily for both work and school projects. For those looking for inspiration or to bust writer’s block, the summarizing tool helps jumpstart momentum and stave off common writing roadblocks. Many users, especially content creators, employ it to review their own work to ensure their main points are coming through in a clear and compelling way.

The grammar checker is the next step in QuillBot’s vision of a one-stop-shop writing platform, helping users with all aspects of writing from source selection, language refinement, and now with editing for clarity and fluency. The grammar checker combines three functions into one robust tool to catch any errors in spelling, punctuation, and grammar. When writing assignments, autobiographies, etc. have been polished with content edits, they can then be run through QuillBot to catch every error, big or small, common or obscure. With one click, all grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors will be found and suggested edits will be shown or applied. This tool is especially helpful in identifying chronically misspelled words, grammatical errors, and misused words, so users grow as writers with each use. QuillBot’s free online grammar check helps users avoid mistakes and polish written work, so that the ideas shine, instead of the typos.

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