Should You Write Your Own Content or Hire Someone to Do It For You?

Should You Write Your Own Content or Hire Someone to Do It For You?

Content is king when it comes to making your website stand out from the competition. It has an immediate impact on the impression your website makes during the 10 seconds you have to grab the visitor. A site rich in information that can solve your audience’s immediate problems also lends authority to your brand.

According to Hubspot, 51 percent of internet shoppers research online before making major purchases, and you want to be there when they make that decision.

Unlike the whimsical algorithms of social media and the impermanence of pay per click (PPC) marketing, content on your website gets better with time. Age lends rank to websites, improving your positioning without further investment. In their post on blogging frequency stats, Hubspot stated that, “every blog post you make has the chance to enhance not only optimization but awareness of your brand.”

In addition to the longevity blog posts provide, Three Girls Media believes a long-term marketing strategy with the consistent addition of content builds trust with consumers. Offering value creates a relationship with buyers, and identifying a solution to their problems means buyers will turn to you for that solution. Writing Your Own Content vs. Hiring A Content Writer

Now that you’ve decided to leverage the content on your website, you need a plan to create well-written and SEO-friendly pages that rank well with search engines and speak to your target audience. Many business owners write their own content but can’t keep it going in the long term. In addition to frequency, consistency is also incredibly important to improving and maintaining SEO. If a business can’t create content frequently and stick to a consistent schedule, their content marketing strategy isn’t going to be as effective. The Pros And Cons Of Writing Your Own Web Content

Writing your own content is the least expensive way to get more indexable pages on your site. You can begin right away and it won’t cost a dime, but many business owners struggle to find the time. There are advantages and disadvantages to writing your own content. The pros of DIY content:

Creating your own website content is free, and all it costs is your time.

Writing your own content lets you use your own voice. The tone and style of your content should connect with your niche audience and make it unique from others.

You’re the expert. No one knows your business better than you do, and writing your own content will allow you to promote your strengths.

Writing your own content lends sincerity and authenticity. It shows your target audience that you’re a credible expert and passionate about what you do.

Creating your own content keeps you in the loop as your industry changes and provides instant feedback from customers when they comment.

The cons of DIY content:

Creating content can be very time consuming, especially if you have no writing background. Many business owners are passionate experts at only a few aspects of their industry, which means that your […]

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