Covid-19 Biological Terror Perpetuated By The Selfish And The Ignorant

A Bioterrorism Attack By The Selfish

When I see the foolish doing things without masks on their faces, I think: What’s wrong with these people? To be honest, I think the majority of younger people, myself included, are at the far distance from that final truth, convinced “this worldwide viral epidemic is a senior citizen’s problem and has nothing to do with me, and they are just ruining our planet anyhow.” Indeed, I’ve never. However, it’s not only young individuals who are going out of their way to give me business with Covid. Their attitudes make them so self-absorbed and socially worthless that they disregard the contributions of those who built their lifestyles and feel that knowledge is essential to protect the world from falling into hell. This generation is partially responsible for being so lenient with parents, and now we are paying the consequences.

Clearly, elderly folks aren’t important to these individuals; else, they wouldn’t be so cavalier about them. For whatever outcome, do these matter? For self-indulgence and self-gratification? That is actually alive, correct? If everything there is to life is this now, then live every moment? A flash in the pan with no long-term success. We are on the verge of a third wave of the Corona virus because to the foolish and self-centered people who don’t cover their mouths and noses. These individuals, in particular, need to be compensated for since they have been left behind.

COVID-19 can be stopped from spreading by face masks, right? Yes, frequent hand-washing and social distance together with facial masks can reduce the spread of the infection. Face masks should have been advised earlier during the epidemic due to the possibility of the spread of the virus. To the doctors’ surprise, patients with COVID-19 were not able to spread the virus before showing symptoms. COVID-19 is present in some persons who have no symptoms. While neither party realizes it, they are both spreading the infection to others.

Covid-19 Denialism

People who choose to reject reality as a method to avoid a painful truth are engaging in denialism. Denialism is a fundamentally illogical conduct in which a person will not acknowledge an objectively provable fact when confronted with a historical event or experience.

Everyone who wants a healthy nation should be in favor of the common good. Not only is it bad for your health, but it hurts the country. This unbridled tendency has often resulted in the deaths of many individuals. Another important element behind the COVID-19 epidemic is denialism. The act of rejecting something despite substantial evidence to the contrary is called denialism.

The vast majority of patients would rather believe they are suffering with COVID-19 when their symptoms are really evident. Rather, they self-diagnose, assigning themselves milder illnesses, and use only self-administered home treatments. Respiratory failure, renal failure, or thromboembolism may be possible complications of COVID-19, and they might occur if complications emerge.

Every person can be affected by COVID-19, therefore get medical attention if you suspect an illness. COVID-19, a virus similar to HIV/AIDS, has greatly increased as a result of egocentrism and denialism. Accordingly, measures must be made to counteract unethical activities that impede attempts to battle the virus.

The legislation and disciplinary measures should be applied to those who violate Covid’s anti-pandemic control procedures. A tiny selfish group is not going to sacrifice the well-being of society only to preserve their favored lifestyle.

The Case of Mexico

Even though the death toll in the epidemic was the world’s greatest, Mexico’s government rejected test and trace quarantine and expansion. It has left physicians and patients devastated, according to Luke Taylor. The traffic light system reflecting the condition of each of the covid-19 hospitals in Mexico City turned red as the streets filled with automobiles, crowds, and Christmas merriment in December. According to Mercedes Aranda, a resident in infectious diseases at one of Mexico City’s major public hospitals, “Our facilities are completely packed, and the overall health system is going down.” In the past, there wasn’t enough infrastructure to support itself, and as a result, things have deteriorated to the point that people have lost their dread of the epidemic and the government has done nothing responsible to help. The government of Mexico has acknowledged that it is one of the hardest-hit countries in the world due to the pandemic. There were more over 100,000 covid-19-related fatalities in mid-November, which makes it the fourth country to have reached that milestone. As a result, the disease killed another 19,000 individuals since then. Overcrowded public hospitals As a result, there are a great many people who have stopped accepting patients due to the scarcity of inpatient beds and the stock for polymerase chain reaction testing is getting low. Everything is supported by underworked and overworked employees. More than anyplace else in the world, more than 2000 healthcare professionals have perished from a pesticide called covid-19 in Mexico.

The Case Of the USA

Increasingly, the American public lives in segregated ideological enclaves, surrounded by ideologically homogeneous information environments. When it comes to the global warming issue, to one group of bloggers, it’s a hoax, while to others, it’s just too uncertain to do anything about. While the issue of vaccination safety, fluoridated drinking water, and genetically modified foods may be misrepresented or disregarded in some areas, it’s considered the norm in other geographic or online locations.

In only a few short months, corona virus denialism has been established as one of the most severe political concerns in our country. Containing the virus while also restoring the economy is a daunting task. Denialism around the coronavirus is finding a home in social media, conservative media, and on the lips of Republican leaders, including Donald Trump. President Trump made a comment over the weekend claiming a “99%” of instances of the coronavirus are “totally harmless,” even though the threat of the virus is quite real. It therefore became known as a “conspiracy theory,” which has been in existence at least since the beginning of February, when Trump complained that his opponents were intentionally fostering worries about the coronavirus to damage him.

Insanity ran through the roots of Covid-19 Denialism

Denial is not caused by a lack of knowledge The discovery that diverse groups cannot accept the truth about, example, climate warming has made one thing clear: It is not because there is a lack of information on the scientific agreement on the issue. Rather, political influence substantially predicts skepticism towards experts on many difficult subjects.

Denial is a natural response. Humans have been rationalizing for hundreds of thousands of years as a result of a long and complex evolution. The simple reality is that the modern human population developed out of our predecessors’ tiny bands, when trust and persuasion played as important a role in reproductive success as possessing correct factual views about the universe. Once a person had been accepted by his tribe, he or she was expected to accept the tribe’s belief system – no matter if it was based on fact or pure superstition. It is firmly embedded in human psychology to show bias in favor of one’s “in-group” and its perspective. A person’s sense of self is connected to a group’s status and beliefs, especially if he or she is part of that group. People respond defensively and reflexively to material that undermines their own groups’ viewpoints. We participate in “confirmation bias,” giving credence to experts whose testimony we favor while rejecting the others.

Summary Corona Virus Denialism

In the corona virus denialists adhere to the same conservative logic that climate change deniers have employed for decades. It is very likely that many of the world’s scientists, journalists, and political leaders are all aware of the international conspiracy. Not a single one of the hundreds of thousands, maybe millions, of conspirators has come to the realization that the conspiracy is immoral and reported the matter.

It’s surprising that this conspiracy theory has spread so rapidly, given there are several leaps of faith, including the assumption that many million people who aren’t acquainted with each other are working together to propagate the hoax. The reason conservative America was so eager to jump on a completely baseless conspiracy idea is because it makes so much sense. For many years, they trained themselves by eschewing evidence of climate change. The common thread across the many conspiracy theories, it doesn’t need a great stretch of the imagination to conclude, is that they both want to deny the existence of climate change and the coronavirus. They could actually have merely duplicated talking lines on climate change, then modified them to focus on the spread of coronaviruses instead of carbon emissions.

But the essential elements remain the same: a global conspiracy, manufactured or exaggerated dangers for alleged political benefit, and a nefarious underlying purpose – whether it’s to bring down capitalism or to destabilize Trump’s presidency. Coronavirus denial can include a wide range of material. This New York Times piece on nurses’ attempts to persuade family and friends that the coronavirus is a serious hazard provides an excellent summary of the many flavors.

Some people believe the virus isn’t genuine. Some believe it is genuine, but that the risk of death or major damage is greatly overstated. Some argue that HPV isn’t as contagious as public health experts claim. Some argue that the virus is being blamed for fatalities that are caused by other factors. Advertisement: In the area of climate change denial, we witness the same type of diversity. Initially, conservatives flatly rejected that climate change or “global warming” existed. As evidence for rising temperatures rose, so did the varieties of denialism, with some arguing it was merely a natural fluctuation unrelated to people, others stating the impacts wouldn’t be as terrible, and yet others claiming it was too late to do anything about it and that we should just give up. The conspiracy idea that underpins all of these flavors of denialism is that the persons sounding the alarm about this situation are in cahoots with one another and have ulterior motivations. Climate-change deniers have long claimed that progressives, as well as the scientists and international leaders who purportedly support their radical agenda, are unconcerned about species extinction, rising sea levels, or the disastrous consequences on the poor. Instead, they claim, these issues are being manufactured in order to justify an all-out assault on capitalism and “liberty.”

Unfortunately, as we’ve seen with climate-change conspiracy theories, it’s difficult to break people away from their erroneous ideas once they’ve become entrenched. When confronted with evidence that the threat is genuine, they simply say that it is exaggerated. Or they’ll make reasons for why they won’t be harmed and hence shouldn’t be concerned. Or they’ll just change their focus to questioning the intentions of those who do care, accusing them of being pawns or power-hungry schemers. They’ll accept any viewpoint except acknowledging that the problem we’re all dealing with is real and that, yes, we do need to address it.