18 Tools & Platforms to Help You Get Over Writer’s Block

18 Tools & Platforms to Help You Get Over Writer's Block

Aside from talent and knowledge, content writing requires focus and the ability to produce top-quality content without stopping.

However, every writer has experienced a phase of writer’s block at some point in their career, causing obstructions to their continuous work.

Then again, not every writer can wait for their inspiration to return. So, to overcome writer’s block, you can take advantage of these tools. How to Beat Writer’s Block With Apps

There are some applications designed specifically to help you deal with writer’s block. You can use these tools to quickly regain your flow of writing. 1. MindMeister

Some serious brainstorming can turn out to be your best medicine for writer’s block. You can use MindMeister, the mind mapping software that will assist you to flesh out ideas. The software offers a graphical environment where you can visualize your concepts and ideas.

It also allows you to brainstorm with other online users and take your productivity to the next level. Whether you’re into collaborative writing or not, this app is worth giving a try. 2. Omm Writer

Omm Writer should be your ultimate destination if you can’t write due to unpleasant ambiance and distractions. The tool offers a serene and pleasant writing environment that you need as a writer. It comes with a minimalist interface and a custom theme to suit your mood.

The tool will open exclusively in full-screen mode to reduce writing distractions. You can get submerged in cool ambient background music and charming sound effects while getting the things written.

Download: Omm Writer for Windows | macOS ($8.54) 3. ilys

Ilys is an application that boosts your writing productivity, and it does so in an unorthodox way. The software lets you choose a word count for your write-up. Once you start writing, only the last letter you typed will be visible to you—no word count, no previous line. You’ll get 500 words writing limit if you sign up for free.

Thus, you won’t be checking the word count every ten seconds or wasting time choosing a better synonym. It offers you the scope to view and edit your writing only after you reach the self-designated word count. 4. Milanote

If you’re into creative writing, Milanote is the tool you should opt for. For creative writers, keeping all the research and concepts organized together is a challenge. Milanote offers you the luxury to keep all your ideas, characters, outline, and research in one place.

Now, you can arrange and coordinate the messy part of writing as you write on your writing software. Milanote also has a writing app that will help you turn the jumbled ideas into the written shape. It also supports the non-linear thinking and writing process of a writer. Update Old Blogs and Publish Another effective way to kill writer’s block is to update your previously written blogs. Necessary yet minute edits will slowly bring back your habit of writing. Use the following platforms to publish your edited blogs for free: 5. WordPress WordPress is the […]

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