7 Ways to Write Blog Introductions Your Readers & Google Will Love

7 Ways to Write Blog Introductions Your Readers & Google Will Love

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Want to know once and for all how to craft opening lines that engage readers and also support your SEO efforts?

A blog introduction carries quite a bit of responsibility. These couple of lines of copy must intrigue the person enough that they’ll gladly devote their attention to the rest of the page.

The blog intro must also reassure readers that they’ll find what they’re looking for on the page. What’s more, it should help Google understand what the page is about.

And all of that is quite a challenge, isn’t it? Particularly when you consider that you have to achieve it all in just a few short paragraphs.

Here, you’ll find seven simple ways to write awesome blog introductions quickly, hook readers from the opening line, and support your SEO goals in the process. Why You Have to Start a Blog Post With a Bang (and Why It’s Good for Your SEO, Too)

The meat of your content — the information the person is searching for — lies far beyond the introduction.

It’s that list of tips that they want. Or the in-depth explanation of whatever issue they’re facing.

Or perhaps it’s the walkthrough showing a person how to complete a particular task that they’ve been searching Google for.

But it’s hard to imagine that readers would come to the content for the introduction.

Then why do the first sentences you use at the start of your blog post matter so much?Why is there so much fuss about blog introductions (and why are they so difficult to write)?For one, the introduction is what makes the rest of your content work. Let’s Look at Blog Introductions From a Copywriting Point of View Copywriters know the power of the opening lines. Whether it’s an ad, product overview, webpage copy, or content marketing asset, they know that the first lines they write will make or break the copy.Here’s why. A Captivating Opening Invites Readers to Stay on the Page A good introduction draws a person in and entices them to continue reading.By the way, this statement is equally true for all kinds of writing – from fiction, sales copy to creating marketing-driven content.The introduction’s job is to intrigue a reader enough so they will want to continue reading. It also needs to set the tone for the content to come and communicate that the page contains the information they’ve been looking for. It Connects the Reader With You Blog opening works much like the start of a conversation. The opening paragraph can also show your personality and helps you connect with the reader on an emotional level.I often open blog posts by stating the common woes with the problem I’m writing about. For example, I opened a post about A/B testing with these words:“Scary, huh?You’ve promised to increase that new landing page’s conversions and now everyone’s […]

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