How to write better social media captions for your business

How to write better social media captions for your business

How to reach consumers through social media? GITEX experts answer

As the number of people on social media increases, using online platforms to reach consumers is a growing trend for brands around the world.

OPINION: One of the hardest parts of being a business owner these days is needing to create content consistently. The time, the effort and the process can feel painful, and uncomfortable to many.

It was bad enough when you needed to get a monthly blog together. Now it’s all about writing captivating captions for the images you’ve managed to cobble together. Writing a good social media post is one of the biggest blocks business owners have. Here’s how to get started – and keep going. In our Facebook community MAP IT Marketing, and with our clients, we know that one of the biggest blocks business owners have is that need to write a good social media post (more than once, and in less than an hour).

I was originally worried about writing on this topic because these days, when it comes to writing, I’m a massive content overachiever. Now, writing is as comfortable to me as breathing. It’s currently 9.30am and I’m writing this, then going to work on my new book. I’ve already written four to five social media posts, and a Facebook ad.

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But it wasn’t always that way. In school I used to struggle to put a pen to paper, and get my words out. My brain would either swing from not being able to formulate a single sentence, to having so many thoughts in my head I couldn’t decipher one from the other.

Years ago I was a primary school teacher, and discovered that I was far better at teaching PE than art, even though I’m a heffalump when it comes to exercise, and I do love to create. It’s often easier to teach as you learn, than when you’re an expert, because then you still remember the steps and are all too conscious of the brain pain you are inflicting on the learner.

Last year I was challenged by a desperate client who need to learn how to write a caption. So, after a few days I came up with a five-step process, after studying many captions from marketers I admire. Rachel Klaver is a marketing strategist, specialising in lead generation and content marketing, who runs Identify Marketing. When we are learning it’s much easier if we have a framework. People who are fluent will mess with the structure, cut corners and often do an inferior job with a larger percentage of posts than a learner, because we’re relying on our comfort zone. […]

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