10 Email Tips to Help You Write Powerful Subject Lines

10 Email Tips to Help You Write Powerful Subject Lines

People often decide whether or not to open an email based on the subject line. The subject line might seem like a small part of your email, but it’s actually one of the vital first impressions you have on your recipients.

However, writing powerful email subject lines that inspire people to click and open is no easy task. With that in mind, we’ve compiled some ten simple tips for you to follow before putting together your next email. 1. Keep It Short

When it comes to writing effective email subject lines, the trick is to use no more than eight words. That’s because email subject lines get cut off if they are too long.

And with the majority of emails being opened on mobile devices today, using less than 25 characters is crucial to ensure the subject line is entirely visible to your email recipient.

Be laser-precise and omit details that can be included in the body of the email. Limit the use of punctuation marks and unnecessary adjectives. As a result, you’ll find that your email gets significantly better open and click rates. 2. Use Numbers When You Can

Replacing vague statements with figures, statistics, and data is a great way to get your emails noticed. Numbers can help you demonstrate a clear and straightforward message. Numbers are just as effective in email subject lines, as they are in blog titles.

You can use numbers to refer to the page length or the numerical benefit of the resource you’re sharing. Besides, numbers can help you share a specific discount or let your readers know how many more people will be attending your event. 3. Don’t Replace Words With Emojis

Emojis are everywhere, but we recommend that you steer clear of them in your subject lines. That’s because emojis and symbols have different meanings in different regions. While it is still alright to use emojis sparingly, be mindful to use them before a word or after it.

However, don’t make the mistake of replacing words with emojis. That can make your email puzzling to the reader. Here’s what not to do:

In any case, use emojis only if they are compatible with the overall tone of your email. Email is still a more formal means of communication. Hence, visual symbols and emojis in email subject lines can become unprofessional and distracting in no time. 4. Use Strong Action Verbs

Email subject lines are very similar to call-to-actions in marketing–both inspire people to click. When you start an email subject line with action-oriented verbs, you add a sense of urgency and excitement for your recipient.

Moreover, strong action verbs help you write shorter sentences. People scan their inboxes very quickly. So, when you use concise language that’s clear yet addresses their concerns, your email appeals to more people. 5. Ask a Question

To nail the art of writing effective subject lines, ask compelling questions that pique the curiosity of your readers. When you ask a relevant question that addresses your reader’s problem, you turn the cards in […]

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