How To Write A Story For Film?

How To Write A Story For Film?

As I write this blog, I am mulling over the next story that I would want to tell and that makes this writing not only authentic but also a co-creation process in itself! Let’s hope by the end of this blog, I have an interesting story worth narrating as well! Pushing your brain for ideas

So how do you really decide which story is worthy of a film? The beginning of this process is where most of us go wrong. We push our brain to give us ideas for a story and keep nagging it continuously saying why the hell doesn’t it give me a story? Come on, I want to write a story, I have to write a story! It’s such a courageous decision I have taken on wanting to write a story for film so why wouldn’t my mind support me and just give me the next blockbuster to work on! And just like a child busy playing, the brain would happily ignore your incessant demands. At most, what it would do is just frown and go back to singing all the songs you could ever think of!

Now that you are blank with no idea about where to begin and just beginning to think will I ever be able to find a good story, just put a pause on those self-critical thoughts avalanche coming your way. Contrary to what you might feel, this is actually a very fertile state to be in. All that is needed is a little bit of tweaking of your mind-set and thought process. In the absence of any ideas to work on, it’s quite natural to feel frustrated but one thing to remember here is that it’s the first step that is the hardest. So, when you are past that first step of racking your brain and do get an idea to work on, the momentum of idea will take over and the frustration levels are bound to lower down. Finding a way to the elusive idea land

So how do you cross the state of being in an idea barren land to a land brimming with ideas. It’s said that the best ideas come to you when you aren’t busy finding them. Does that mean that you leave everything and go about your business as usual and the idea will come whenever it has to? What if your brain becomes complacent and that elusive idea never comes? Can you really afford to wait patiently and let ideas come in their own sweet time? The answer would most likely be no and to get some ideas to work on, we need to understand what works for most productive writers out there. As bizarre as it may seem, the answer lies in just picking up a pen and paper or laptop and start writing/typing whatever comes to your mind. It really is that simple! May be it’s just some random thoughts coming out on paper initially and not a real story but eventually […]

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