How To Write Better Emails With AI

How To Write Better Emails With AI

Business professional writing an email getty Salespeople, recruiters and managers all need to communicate quickly and effectively. But that is often a challenge. Most professionals have a range of other tasks on their to-do lists besides tending to their email .

It takes time and effort to create cold outreach, campaign, follow-up and other types of emails. As an alternative to writing such messages manually, AI tools have recently taken center stage as a way to achieve greater email productivity. In this article, I discuss how AI can improve your emails and suggest some of the best AI email tools to consider. How Does AI Help Email Writing?

A recent Semrush survey showed that 48% of companies today are using AI tools—and there’s a reason for that. Improving productivity and promoting automation are at the top of every company’s priority list. Using AI in your email writing improves your business’s ability to compete in the following ways:

AI can automate routine tasks , accomplishing them in a fraction of the time that humans require. By taking mundane work off your plate, AI helps you focus on higher-level business strategies. AI Can Integrate Relevant Data

AI can rapidly scan incredibly large data sets. This allows it to send data back and forth between your customer relationship management system and email platform. It also presents you with relevant data based on customer emails or social media profiles that you can use to personalize your emails. That’s important, as data from Mailshake shows that email personalization can increase both open and reply rates substantially. AI Can Stop You From Forgetting Tasks

Need to know when to follow up with a customer? Keep forgetting to copy documents into emails for customer service issue handling? AI email tools can remember all of this for you and even send reminders. AI Can Help Achieve Higher Engagement

You can provide AI with examples of successful emails so it can identify patterns. It can then compare proven sales messages with your current writing to offer timely suggestions that boost engagement .

AI has been used behind the scenes in industries like finance and manufacturing for decades. Only recently have sales and customer service agents begun to benefit from the powerful automation and clarity it provides. Companies that want to enjoy an advantage in prospecting, customer service and recruiting should leverage AI in their email writing. AI Email Writing Tools

There are so many AI tools out there that it can be a challenge to choose the best one for you. To help you out, here are some of the top AI email writing tools available right now. is one of the best tools on the market for generating personalized emails. With, you start by choosing an objective, such as booking a meeting, answering a question, clicking on a link or scheduling a meeting—whatever you want your prospect to do. Once you select your objective, you provide the tool with the contact’s information from a CSV file, LinkedIn […]

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