10 Entrepreneurs Share Their Top Writing Tips For Aspiring Thought Leaders

10 Entrepreneurs Share Their Top Writing Tips For Aspiring Thought Leaders

Getting your voice out there is an important part of becoming a successful thought leader. However, it can be difficult to know the right way to convey your perspectives on different topics without a strong writing foundation.

For those entrepreneurs who have never written before, the thought of publishing a piece can seem like a far-off goal—but it doesn’t have to be if you have the right strategies in place. To help guide you in the right direction, 10 Young Entrepreneur Council members shared their best writing tips for aspiring thought leaders. Young Entrepreneur Council members think these writing tips can help you build your credibility as a thought leader. 1. Structure Your Argument

To be a successful thought leader, it’s very important to be able to convey your ideas across different formats, including both verbal and written communication. Written articles and blogs are fantastic ways to express your perspective. Structuring your argument can make a massive difference in how it is perceived. When drafting any type of content, be sure to zero in on the main message, or thesis, that you want to get across first. Back up that thesis with at least three supporting points, citing research where relevant. Wrap up with a big picture stance on what the future holds or the greater significance of your argument. – Kelley Weaver , Melrose PR

2. Know Your Audience

Entrepreneurs who are new to writing and publishing online content should remember who their readers are at all times. When you put the reader first, you’re better able to create relevant topic ideas, pitch to the right publications, appeal to their interests, solve their problems and much more. And knowing your readers leads to a better understanding of what they need so you can create insightful content that makes you stand out. – Jared Atchison , WPForms

3. Leverage Your Own Blog Or Social Media

Start with self-producing content and publishing it on your blog or social media. Becoming a published author for a major book publisher takes years of producing content, but with persistence, it can happen. Once you’ve established a portfolio of content on your blog, you can then start looking for guest posting opportunities on other blogs and news websites. There are two ways to reach out. One option is to target a specific website and write a specific piece of content to complement that website. Pitch as if the content was written for them and ask them if they will publish it and give you your own byline. Alternatively, you can reach out to a target website and ask if they accept guest authors and if there is a specific topic they’d like you to write about. – Kristopher Brian Jones , LSEO.com

4. Gather Inspiration From Others

Read how different bloggers, columnists and journalists express certain points, support their arguments and qualify their statements. Use references and sources that validate your thoughts, and summarize key points that might be too abstract for […]

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