Blog Topic Ideas: Setting Your Writer Up For Success

Blog Topic Ideas: Setting Your Writer Up For Success

Let’s face it, most of us just don’t have time to run our businesses and keep up with writing content regularly for our websites and social media. Hiring a content writer is a great step towards upping your digital marketing game, but you still need to do a little homework to set your writer up for success.

Your writer may come to you with great ideas, but at some point, you’ll need to give them some topics to write about. Let’s look at how the ingredients in the Problem Solver Method TM can help you discover great topics that will make people want to learn more about your business. Blog Topic Idea #1: The Problem s Your Customers Face

Here’s the thing… we humans like to work with and buy from people who understand us and understand what we’re going through. We want to feel like we’re working with others in our tribe. Nothing makes your potential customers feel more seen, validated, and understood than addressing head-on the problems and fears that keep them up at night.

When you’re working on topics for your writer, explore stories of different problems your customers have come to you with. What keeps them up at night? What do they worry about?

Your audience will immediately relate because chances are they have the same problems. You can have your writer create mini case studies or portfolio entries showing the unique ways you solved your customers’ problems. Blog Topic Idea # 2: The Bigger Problem

This one might feel a little uncomfortable, but it’s important to show your potential customers what can happen if they don’t take action to solve their problems OR if they hire someone less qualified than you to solve those problems for them. We call this building the stakes and it is an absolutely key ingredient in a successful content plan.

Think of some nightmare scenarios you can share and have your writer turn them into articles that show the bigger problem your customers might not even be thinking about. Blog Topic Idea #3: Your Unique Value

How is your solution or the way you provide your solution unique? Now, think about how that unique approach actually provides more value to your customers. These unique values are what make clients want to hire you instead of anyone else.

Make a list and have your writer create articles about why you offer your unique solution or process (hint: make it clear that you want to provide more value and a better experience to your customers).

Just remember…. no one cares about your business . Keep your value topics framed around the things your potential clients actually care about. Instead of singing your own praises, focus on why your solutions and processes are different and how that creates a better outcome for your customers. Remember, you want to show your audience that you share their values and you’re in their tribe, so keep your unique value framed around the values your audience cares about. Blog Topic […]

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