6 Different Types of Creative Content Writers Should Know

6 Different Types of Creative Content Writers Should Know

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Content writing and creative writing are words that seem interchangeable and are often confused with each other. But these two functions are very distinct when you look into them in detail. So, what is creative content writing? Who are these expert and professional content writers? Why should a passionate content writer stick to this career? How much money can this career earn?

Creative writing is content that comes from the writer’s expression of thoughts, opinions or ideas. Creative content is innovative and recreational. It can be anything academic, professional, journalistic or technical, but it all gives its readers a sense of entertainment .

The writing style is free-flowing, which keeps the reader engaged and gives the writer liberty to express emotions or paint a beautiful picture in the minds of the reader through creative words. Creative content writing gets used across blogs, magazines, newspapers, websites, novels, handbooks or newsfeeds.

Creatively written content carries several benefits, such as establishing a business , building awareness and sharing knowledge. It grabs the reader’s attention, increases credibility and lingers in the mind of the reader for a more extended period.

Knowing what creative content writing is, let’s look at the unique types of creative content that everyone should know. 1. Press release

A creatively written press release can gather valuable media attention and leave the option to shape the story by the company itself. It serves as a perk promotion tool as it can generate demand and interest, especially when you regularly optimize press releases. It is a great content marketing tool and can get a business some publicity. 2. Email writing

Nowadays, email marketing has become a massive part of a successful marketing plan for any business. It is considered a highly convenient form of communicating for businesses. It has a direct line of contact with the target audience. Email writing includes value-focused or sales emails, offer emails and lead generation emails. 3. Ads scriptwriting

The goal of an advertising script is to give a product or service the way to sell commercially. A good advertisement script can keep consumer attention, build brand recognition, and attract the audience towards the product or service advertised. When writing an advertising script, the words are fewer but its effect needs to be amplified. Employing a creative content writing team can get you an ideal advertising campaign within your budget and fulfill the need meeting of your target market. 4. Ghostwriting

Ghostwriting sounds mysterious, but is simply writing content for another person without taking the credit. Say you want to create a new copy for a website — a ghostwriter may be hired to rewrite and upgrade the existing copy. There are numerous similar jobs, such as writing ad or business copy or supplying new or rewritten material for personal or professional use. Ghostwriters also get hired to write books. If the author of the book wants to share some credit with the ghostwriter, they can list the ghostwriter as the co-author […]

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