AI Powered Creative Writing Platforms can Help Brand Marketers!

AI Powered Creative Writing Platforms can Help Brand Marketers!

Undoubtedly, AI has disrupted a number of industries and content creation is one of them.

According to a recent research , 56.5% of US CMOS are leveraging AI to accelerate content creation. Besides they are also allocating a part of their marketing budgets to targeting decisions, predictive analysis, and better customer segmentation . B2B and B2C industries are relying on AI for various marketing activities. While the B2B segment is the top user for AI in content creation (62.2%), B2C companies use AI for virtual and augmented reality, visual search and facial recognition more than any other business.

AI-based content creation assistants are increasingly becoming popular at the workplace. Several companies along with digital agencies are using such technologies to create content on a regular basis.

Modern AI writing assistants are a huge help to brands looking for regular content. These technologies generate content ideas and get rid of the writer’s block at scale. They provide help and support throughout the whole process right from idea generation to choosing the perfect words for a particular target audience.

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Here are a few popular AI-writing assistants used by brands and digital agencies throughout the world: Rytr

One of the top writing-assistant tools powered by AI: It offers great help to content writers and can driveidea generation, research along with getting rid of the writer’s block. Rytr is not here to replace human writers, it is designed with an aim to help them perform better.

For instance, for a creative writer in your team who comes up with out of the box ideas but lacks strength to do intense research, a tool like Rytr can do it for them.

It offers customized packages for the words your brand creates per month. Conversion AI by Jarvis

This tool helps you create content from scratch. An Artificial Intelligence based tool, Jarvis Conversion AI is designed to boost digital marketing campaigns by generating ideas on blogposts, social media posts and articles on any niche with one click. The AI powered tool has the ability to create high-quality content at scale.

By paying $29/month, you might not need a human writer in the initial days of your campaign launch. WriteSonic

Do you think your content writers need an assistant? Think of bringing WriteSonic to the platform. From generating ideas to managing the writer’s block, WriteSonic is capable of ensuring that your write-ups turn out well. The free trial version is great to begin with or you can buy it at $12.50/month. Concured

Essentially a content creation tool, Concured helps marketers to know about the topics that drive engagement across all genres. The tool leverages the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence and shows marketers what to write about next.Once put in use, the tool comes with a robust AI-powered content strategy platform that automates content including its audit, data research, content creation, content promotion along with […]

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