12 Effective Tips to Improve Essay Writing Skills

12 Effective Tips to Improve Essay Writing Skills

Just like with anything else, getting good at writing is all about practice. The more you write, the better.

In fact, the main difference between a professional writer and you is that you don’t write nearly as much as they do.

Still, there are some pro tips from CustomWritings experts that can help you become the best writer you can possibly be (on top of practice). Check them out and share with every struggling writer you know. 1. Read more

The laziest way to instantly improve your writing is by reading a lot, not to mention that it’s also exciting and educational.

You’ve probably noticed that avid readers tend to speak more eloquently. Well, the same is true for writing. What’s more, you don’t need to go out of your way to memorize new interesting words and phrases; it’ll happen naturally.

Keep in mind, though, that it matters what you read, so Instagram posts probably won’t do. If in doubt, google the writers who are known for their high-quality prose and start with those. 2. Write consistently

Treat writing like working out (provided you do work out systematically).

That’s what all professional writers do. Inspiration is good and all, but it only strikes one occasionally.

Writing five pages at midnight once a month won’t do much to your writing skills. Instead, dedicate an hour or so to writing every day or at least every other day.

Just like with working out, it’ll soon become part of your routine. A pro tip: it helps to establish a ritual. For example, choose one place in your apartment and write there every time. 3. Brush up on grammar rules from time to time

Sure, we’ve all learned grammar rules back in school. But it never hurts to revise them, especially if you’re not a regular reader. There are countless online grammar blogs out there, from Grammarly to Grammarphobia.

Pick the one you like the most and start following it. It will definitely help you improve your grammar and reduce the number of mistakes you make in writing. Don’t forget about syntax and text structure-related content as well. 4. Learn from the best

This one goes together with reading. We all learn by doing, but it does help to surround oneself with outstanding writing.In addition to books and well-written blogs, consider looking at professional samples from a custom essay writing service , like CustomWritings, for example. It’s especially relevant if you want to focus on academic writing in particular. Online content and fiction won’t be too helpful with it, but custom academic papers will. 5. Whenever you read something you like, pay attention While it will certainly help, it’s not enough to merely read more. You have to pay attention to what you like about each text and what you don’t. For example,you may notice a great phrase or original transition. Highlight it and practice using it a bit to make sure you won’t forget it as soon as you close the book or online page. It also makes sense to […]

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