What Is AI Writing? Why It Can Never Replace Humans

What Is AI Writing? Why It Can Never Replace Humans

Do you use your writing skills to pay your bills?

If so, you might be afraid of artificial intelligence writing software threatening to take over your job. After all, the question now has changed from “can” AI replace professional writers to “when will?”

With AI getting smarter day by day, this question requires a deeper understanding of the subject. So, will AI writing replace professional writers? Here’s what you need to know. What Is an AI Writing Program?

AI writing programs are tools or software that use AI and machine learning to produce content. With the advancement in these tools, some professional writers are afraid it might take over their job. However, according to the World Economic Forum , AI will take 85 million human jobs, but it’ll also create 97 million new ones until 2025. How Does AI Writing Work?

Now that you know what AI is, let’s understand how exactly it works.

When you feed your AI writing software with the topic and keywords you want your built content around, it collects data from millions of websites on the internet. Then, already understanding grammatical and punctuation rules, sentence structure, and other directives, it takes your command on word limit, tone, format, etc., and creates content for you.

Moreover, using deep learning and natural language processing, the software copies the patterns of human brain functions and ensures the delivery of the written piece contains the natural flow of language.

In simple words, the software uses algorithms to collect the data and then process and convert it for better delivery and a good reading experience. Types of AI Writing Software

To understand the types of AI software and what they have to offer, here’s a small list of the AI writing software with their cost. Wordsmith

The Wordsmith AI writing software is a natural language generator tool, which takes your input and converts that into an insightful narrative. You can use this software to update the content on your blog or make your client projects and assignments more impressive.

You can use this software to generate over 1000 articles per month using its paid subscription of $250. AI Writer

AI Writer helps you generate different types of content for marketing and personal needs. For instance, you can use it to produce new articles or re-write the existing ones. All you have to do is enter the title and add some keywords around which you need your content.

You can also set auto-blogging system with it. This tool is best for producing tons of short-form content that later on you can expand yourself or take to your writing team.The subscription starts from $19 per month. Quill Bot Quill Bot is basically a paraphrasing tool that helps you update your writing and enhance your sentences, paragraphs, or even entire articles.You can use this tool for free, but that comes with a limit of 700 characters only. After that, the premium starts from $6.67 per month. Writersonic Writersonic is an AI writing tool used to produce the content of […]

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