Online AI Tools to Help You with PhD Thesis Writing

Online AI Tools to Help You with PhD Thesis Writing

Writing PhD assignments used to be a challenging task that required extensive proofing, continuous text adjustment, re-writing, and revising. Today, with the help of new technology, we’re able to write and edit papers as we wish. Writing essays has indeed become less time-consuming.

So, when you’re not sure how to finish your schoolwork, you should be able to use online tools to figure it out. Here are some of the best online AI tools to help you with your PhD thesis writing. Grammarly

Vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar are significant issues for students and researchers, especially those who do not come from an English-speaking family. Try to picture a piece of software or a gadget doing everything for you – Grammarly is that. They offer freemium options (both free and premium), but students usually pick the free tools. They’re easy to work with and you don’t have to pay for them.

Grammarly features many services and Chrome extensions. In fact, it identifies and rectifies English errors in all texts once it is turned on on your computer. So, if you feel like writing an essay, an email, or a text might be something you need help with, this tool might be the right choice for you.

Grammarly seems to be having the following features: Correcting grammar and syntax, two essential attributes.

Correcting grammatical errors.

Suggestions for punctuation.

Making the sentence more structured.

Checking for plagiarized content.

Adding transitory terms and synonyms.

What is the best way to use Grammarly?

Go to the site, sign in or create a new account. Look for Grammarly in the Google Chrome add-on store. Install it as a browser extension and turn your settings into features that meet your needs.

To wrap up, this is a program that every PhD student should have on their computer. Its technology is built on artificial intelligence, which means that as you type more, it gets a better understanding of your writing style and makes suggestions accordingly. Hemingway This tool is similar to Grammarly, but it contains a feature that makes it stand out. It’s got an online editor that allows you to make quick changes to your content. This tool looks for common problems, sentence patterns, and grammar errors. Hemingway features: Long and complex sentences, as well as changes and corrections, are highlighted within the app. It identifies errors in the text. Determines whether a voice is active or passive. Each error is marked with a new color quotation. Hemingway can add headers and count letters, if needed. In conclusion, Hemingway Editor is not a particularly spectacular program for students, but it can assist you in correcting full sentences. Bloggers love using this tool but we got some great reviews from students, too. Dan Johns, a blogger and author, writes that ‘Hemingway’s newest feature allows you to format your writing however you need to, which is quite helpful.”It takes time to conduct good research and write a professional dissertation. Unfortunately, many applicants put their jobs on hold to finish their PhD proposals. […]

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