5 Best Websites to Find Free Essays Online and Use Them as Writing Models

5 Best Websites to Find Free Essays Online and Use Them as Writing Models

Using expertly crafted free essay samples as writing models is one of the most effective tactics for college students when they need to put together a decent paper single-handedly and fast. But where to find examples worth following or emulating? We’ve got several site names and ideas about that. In this article, we are going to tell you about the 5 best web-based resources to browse most various academic papers, including, of course, essays for free. WowEssays.com – Perhaps, the Best Free Essay Database Overall

is a well-known educational portal, with the free sample database being one of its several services. The directory included a bit less than 100.000 papers, but new entries are added daily, so quite soon this milestone will be reached. While this might not be the largest sample directory out there, it can certainly be considered one of the best-maintained and convenient to use. The thing is, free essay writing materials are well-organized by topics (alphabetized and popular) and paper types. Plus, each entry is attributed with several tags, which makes browsing and looking for a relevant example user-friendly. Also, you can use a built-in search engine to seek papers by keywords. This method offers good relevance, even though it doesn’t have any filters to refine search results. That and the impossibility to download samples in .doc(x) format are the only two drawbacks we can see in WowEssays.com.

Special mention should be made of samples’ quality. The vast majority of them are evidently written by competent authors. We bet it has something to do with the fact that the WowEssays portal also includes a professional . Its essence is crafting custom, entirely original academic papers from scratch according to customers’ demands and instructions. Apparently, writing experts are involved in creating or at least editing samples.

To finish off our WowEssays overview, we cannot but mention that in addition to the free sample directory, the website also hosts a subscription-based sample database, a.k.a. WowEssays Premium. With it, you can get access to over 1 million examples starting from $9.99/week. That said, WowEssays Premium also has search filters and gives you unlimited sample downloads. Now you see why these options are unavailable in the free database, don’t you?

Yet, if you’re not ready to spend even several bucks, thousands and thousands of free papers should be more than enough to find a dozen of the finest samples and use them as the foundation of your own piece.

Key features: Almost 100.000 free samples.

Over three dozen paper types, hundreds and hundreds of topics.

On-site search by keyword(s), no filters.

Free writing assistance tools.

PaperHelp.org – 100% Free Essays of Supreme Quality

PaperHelp’s directory of free samples is a vivid illustration of the “Quality over quantity” idiom. It includes just over a couple hundred completely free essays online – and that’s all. They are grouped by a dozen of types; no topic categorization, no search by keywords, no text downloads, nada. Actually, you don’t really need that when all sample titles […]

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