How Freelancer, Emmanuel Awosika, Found His Path In Blockchain Writing

How Freelancer, Emmanuel Awosika, Found His Path In Blockchain Writing

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EA: Hi, I’m Emmanuel Awosika. I’m a freelance writer from Nigeria, specializing in the blockchain industry. I break down complex concepts relating to blockchain/cryptocurrency and cover real-world use-cases of blockchain technology.

Beyond my interest in blockchain and cryptocurrency, I write about the larger Web3 technology movement and its promise of a decentralized Internet. Some of my work covers the value of a Web3-based Internet, especially for businesses and consumers. �What’s your backstory, and how did writing about Crypto come about?

EA: I’ve been interested in cryptocurrency since 2020, but never got around to really understanding it, let alone writing about it. Because some friends invested in crypto, I had some idea about how it worked. It was particularly hilarious watching them scream “buy the dip” and “HODL!” during group conversations.

My interest in writing articles about blockchain started after I got disillusioned with writing SEO filler content. I like to explore really complex topics, and so a friend suggested writing something about Web3. According to him, “Web3 is a hot new topic and everyone’s talking about it.”

Days later, I dived down the rabbit hole, reading everything I could find on Web3. Then I realized cryptocurrency was a part of the larger technological revolution. Moreover, the blockchain technology underpinning Web3 had powerful implications for the future of online interaction, business, governance, and more.

Since then I’ve continued to learn and write about blockchain technology. I’ve discussed topics like solving blockchain’s scalability problem, benefits of Web3 for businesses, brand use-cases for NFTs, and more.

EA: I’ve always liked to write. I guess it came from reading newspapers as a child; reading opinion columns instilled a love for writing as a means of self-expression for me.

However, my entry into freelance writing was less glamorous. I was broke and needed an income to cover expenses. I complained to my brother, who connected me to his brother-in-law, an editor and freelance writer.

I started out writing articles about the automotive industry — sports cars, Harley-Davidson motorcycles, and everything in between. Being a generalist writer, I covered more topics in subsequent years, including career development (for, eCommerce, relationships, and sports. � Were you being paid during this time or just building credentials?

EA: I was earning enough to live on while writing generalist content on the automotive industry and other areas. But, as most writers will tell you, niching down increases income because now you can be paid for your expertise in addition to your skill.

Switching to blockchain writing was a gamble, as I have to publish free content to establish credibility. However, I know it’ll pay off since blockchain is a burgeoning industry and needs writers who understand how things work under the hood.

Besides, some things go beyond money. No matter how high-paying a job can be, it’s hard to write if the subject matter is uninteresting. Writing about blockchain, cryptocurrencies, etc., is mentally stimulating and I find the learning process satisfying. �Why did you choose to focus on tech and […]

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