5 Blogs Every Freelance Writer Should Read

5 Blogs Every Freelance Writer Should Read

Whether you’re a newbie freelancer, a professional writer with a few years of experience under your belt, or a writing hobbyist, keeping on top of your skills is essential. And what better way to do so than by reading!

Here, we’ll discuss the five best blogs that give best-in-class advice to improve your craft of writing, make money with it, and level up your business to even reach the six figures. 1. Smart Blogger

With over 300,000 subscribers and four million readers, Smart Blogger is one of the best blogs. It offers a comprehensive set of articles you can read one after another. From the basics of freelancing and writing to teaching you how to get paid from your services, the site has it all.

Apart from freelancing, it also teaches about blogging. The majority of the articles in this section lay out major pain points of bloggers and discuss how to fix them.

It can be anything—for instance, it suggests that bloggers should update their old content for SEO purposes. It also includes handy tips that are useful to know.

Additionally, Smart Blogger also offers a Content Marketing Certification course for newbie freelancers and has over 35,000 students. So, if that’s something you’re interested in, you can reach out to the site for details. 2. The Write Life

This blog offers you advice on multiple topics: writing, freelancing, self-publishing books, marketing, and blogging. All of these topics can be useful to you as a writer, but you can focus on the ones important to you right now, like freelancing.

It’s one of the top authority blogs and the majority of the articles here are written by expert writers, editors, bloggers, six-figure generating freelancers, staff writers from respected companies, and book authors. These are the people who have already achieved what they’re talking about.

So, you’re getting practical advice right from the experts; hence, it has more chances of bringing good results for you if you take action accordingly.

Besides that, the blog also has a Facebook page which you can follow to gain access to a great community of writers and editors. If you have a question in mind, or you’re facing any problem that you think other writers might have some good advice for, just post it in the group. You may get some great answers.

Be sure to read the group’s guidelines first and not spam the group by promoting your services or posting links—you may get blocked. 3. Dream of Travel Writing

If you’re looking to break into travel writing or trying to get ahead in this niche, Dream of Travel Writing is a must-read blog for you. Because, unlike most niches, travel writing is a bit more challenging.

In fact, that’s the main reason the founder of this blog, Gabi Logan, started it in the first place. When she was getting into travel writing, people advised her to change her niche as it’s too difficult.So, on this blog, you can learn everything from researching and structuring your travel articles to […]

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