LinkedIn Doesn’t Want Great Writers, Just Post 100 Honest Words and Go Viral

LinkedIn Doesn’t Want Great Writers, Just Post 100 Honest Words and Go Viral

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash I was an obsessed little hermit when started writing online.

I tracked down famous writers and noted their habits and strategies, shelled out hard-earned cash for online writing workshops, and wrote down word-for-word cool paragraphs written by Tim Denning and Ryan Holiday.

I even personally got to know Tom Kuegler, who I now consider a mentor.

Here’s a piece of top-secret, insider trading about these great writers:

They’ve all cut back their content on Medium and personal blogs and shifted their attention to a platform you know well — LinkedIn.

Their logic? LinkedIn is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms.

90% of its users don’t post anything of value or substance.

An honest, 100-word post can go viral.

More engagement. Less work. Style is not necessary.

Medium is fantastic, but the algorithm wants 1,200-word articles and only generates views when a publisher picks them up. I’ll work for hours, wait days to get published, and because it’s writing and nothing is guaranteed, the article might get 100 views. No joke.

Instagram is making room for writers, but they’ll always value beautiful images over compelling words. Unless you have a mug like Timothee Chamalet, your words won’t get eyeballs.

LinkedIn is the place to be if you want to write. Why you should write on LinkedIn even if you’re not a writer.

There’s no downside.If you’re a business professional and not posting on LinkedIn, you’re missing out on a massive opportunity. It’s one of those things you’re going to regret when you’re 50 years old. The platform is an opportunity to elevate your personal brand so you can win new business. When I was in commercial real estate, I became known as the LinkedIn guy. That same year, I won Rookie of The Year and Broker of The Year at my firm. All I did was post three times per week. Most employers use LinkedIn to research new candidates. Your influence makes their job easy. Your thoughts could become so popular that you never have to work for a boss ever again. You could start your own business. Why writing is the best thing in the world I popped in the art museum this weekend. I wanted to admire a piece by my favorite impressionist painter Monet — the Columbus Museum of Art has an original called Weeping Willow.It’s an eerie yet captivating portrait of a willow tree completed at the height of WWI. The tree appears in pain and bleeding, reflecting the tragedy that engulfed Europe. From Monet’s POV, the Germans were closing in on France. He could hear artillery fire from his residence in Giverny. What’s worse, his only surviving son was sent to the front lines.That’s the miracle of painting, writing, music, entrepreneurship, and business.We have the opportunity to take a setback and transform that bleeding willow tree into a lesson for others to learn from and enjoy.That’s what we all really want right? Not to survive life’s experiences but turn them into something beautiful.Writers do that EVERY […]

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