5 Reasons Why AI Writing Tools Won’t Replace Copywriters

5 Reasons Why AI Writing Tools Won’t Replace Copywriters

Have you heard of artificial intelligence programs and are worried they will replace copywriting careers in the future? Don’t stress, it won’t happen.

But first, what is AI-powered copywriting? Instead of coming up with content for your own website, this type of writing is completely generated by a computer. After deciding the type of content you’d like to create—such as blog posts, a landing page, or social media content—the program then uses these settings to piece together marketing material.

However, these tools are unlikely to replace the millions of creative copywriters around the world, for many reasons! 1. Authenticity

A writing robot such as Writesonic isn’t capable of creating genuine content, even though you can select a custom tone of voice to base the pieces on. As useful as it may seem to get content published as quickly as possible onto your website, an AI can’t incorporate anecdotes or put something together with human emotion, which is what copywriting is about.

Tweaking a few details for the system to read isn’t equivalent to writing something truly meaningful to a consumer. Generic content isn’t what makes copywriting sell a product, it’s how you connect on a deeper level to the potential buyer that leads to a purchase.

Imagine writing about a gorgeous holiday destination. An AI will clump together cliché ideas that generally aren’t that interesting—such as a basic description of the water—whereas a copywriter would delve into the deeper reasons why you may need that holiday. A copywriter would make it playful, humorous and pull the reader in with creative words and enlighten them on the benefits of taking a break!

Computer-generated writing lacks empathy and connecting on a personal level, so this isn’t likely to have any powerful impact on the reader. Authenticity is a big part of creative copywriting, and artificial intelligence content will never surpass this, no matter how many words fill the space. 2. Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is making website content more recognizable by Google, ranking it higher on the first page of search results. This is important for any brand wanting to increase its site traffic and sales. High rankings in Google help more people consume the information they are interested in online, and artificial intelligence software cannot do this without assistance.

For example, keyword research is figuring out what words potential clients will type into Google, and a copywriting program doesn’t have the capacity for something this complex. The program wouldn’t know where to begin.

In a blog or article, there are backlinks and internal links—links to your site and others—which need to be researched by someone who has knowledge of SEO. Link building is one of the most important factors, as high-quality, relevant backlinks will be what increase your traffic. A one-track-minded program is just not smart enough to do this.

A lot of copywriters today are multi-skilled in SEO and other technical areas, so AI will not be erasing this field of expertise anytime soon. If you’re new and interested in learning more about optimizing your […]

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