How to Get Started Writing on Medium

How to Get Started Writing on Medium

Getting your writing seen on the internet can be a difficult task and can feel a bit disheartening when there’s already a sea of other websites putting out content. Especially if you’re just getting started as a writer , knowing the best place or blogging platform to share your words may not be obvious.

One great place to start publishing work is on the website This site promotes both established and new writers. It can be just the jumpstart you need as a freelance writer. What you’ll need to learn is how to use Medium most efficiently to gain an audience. What Is Medium?

Medium is a publishing platform for anyone to post their writing on any topic they wish. The site doesn’t run any ads, allowing for the most successful posts in their algorithm to be ones that dive deep on topics or provide a unique perspective. You can also see how many readers enjoyed your article by seeing how many “claps” it received, a similar concept to Facebook or Instagram likes.

You can earn money by writing on Medium, though, and this is made possible through reader memberships. Readers can elect to pay a membership fee in order to have access to all articles without restriction, and this, in turn, allows the site to pay Medium writers. Can You Make Money on Medium?

The Medium partner program is a way for bloggers on the site to get paid for their work. To apply to become a partner, you need to have at least one story published, 100 followers, and be active by posting at least once every six months. The money earned through this program is determined in two ways. First, the more time Medium readers spend on your articles, the more money you’ll make off it. There isn’t an exact calculation for earnings, as it’s based on the number of Medium members at the time, among a host of other factors.

You can also earn money by converting free readers into members. If you do this, Medium pays you half of this reader’s membership cost. Seeing as membership costs run from $5 a month to $50 a year, you can see how this adds up. How to Get Started Writing on Medium

At the beginning, in order to get on the path to earning money through Medium, you’ll want to focus on actually creating your blog and growing your readership. So, let’s go through the easy part of setting up a Medium account.

> On Medium’s homepage, click on Write in the menu bar and then click on the Start Writing button. This will take you to a page where you can sign up.

start=”2″> Choose the method you want to sign up with. You can use Google, Facebook, or email. Either connect an account or enter your email.

start=”3″> After you verify your account with whichever method you chose, you can enter the name you want to use on Medium.


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