Writing Right Now # 5: Rays of Truth Part 1

Writing Right Now # 5: Rays of Truth Part 1

Back in 2020 when I first started my tenure as a writer at Patheos I wrote a few articles about all things Patheos. I have written about my fellow Catholic bloggers several times but I have also written about and shared snippets from the various other Patheos channels in which the Catholic channel is only but one tiny fraction of the bigger picture. I went out into the neighborhood and walked around to see who shared my cyberspace with me. It produced these articles.

Back in 2021 I wrote a weekly article focusing on what happen in the Last Week in Life.

This year in 2022 I have changed it around and am parodically letting you know who is Writing Right Now.

So, for this issue of WRN I have looked around once again at our neighbors and found some content worth sharing. Even though as a Catholic I believe that our faith is the one true faith, it doesn’t mean that we should be afraid of the truth, beauty and goodness to be found in other faiths outside our own. No one should be afraid that God has allowed there to be different religions in the world. But we should be frightened if we are not doing the work of fraternity, of walking together in life as brothers and sisters of one human family. What God wants is fraternity among us which is why we must not be frightened by difference. God has allowed this. But it is right to be worried when people are not working toward a more fraternal world.
Paraphrased from Pope Francis: Don’t be afraid that God has allowed different religions in the world | America Magazine The second Vatican Council has paved the way for deeper dialogue and understanding of others who have not been granted the gift of the full revelation of God’s Word. But God can’t be contained and he can be found everywhere human beings live and breath and also where they don’t. The idea that Catholics should seek a deeper understanding of other faiths is not a new one. In 1965 the Second Vatican Council issued Nostra Aetate , a statement on the relationship between the Catholic Church and other religions. Despite its brevity, this five-paragraph document heralded a transformation in the church’s posture toward other religions—by rejecting anti-Semitism, expressing esteem for Muslims, and affirming its reverence for the “ rays of truth ” in other faiths.
Teach more than tolerance KIMBERLY KEISERMAN AND MARISA FASCIANO – U.S. Catholic August 26, 2015 (uscatholic.org) So here are some Rays of individuals writing things that any Catholic can relate to and agree with.

From Nonreligious Patheos Blogs Expressions of a Child

In particular, it is fascinating how most of our emotions and mental states can be mirrored in the 42 muscles that govern our facial features.

This milestone in our evolution is breathtaking in itself. However, when we consider that we can also manipulate our facial features at will, so that our expressions can also […]

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