12 Best AI Writing Generator Tools You Have To Try Out

12 Best AI Writing Generator Tools You Have To Try Out

Ever since the rise of the internet, writing has become essential for businesses and creators of all kinds. It’s necessary for creating websites, generating blog content, social media posts, and much more. However, not everybody has the time or resources to invest in writing or hiring writers. That’s why some businesses have opted to use AI writing generator tools instead. With an AI writing generator, you can write almost anything you want without going through too much trouble. Which AI writing generator is the best to use? Here are our top picks. What Are AI Writing Generator Tools?

Photo by picjumbo_com from Pixabay An AI writing generator is automated writing software that writes and creates text content for you. You can use them for copywriting, article creation, and even creative writing. There are multiple kinds tailored for different purposes.

Now, you may think that using an AI writing generator isn’t a good idea for your website or blog. That’s because the AI writing software of the past wasn’t as advanced. They were littered with inconsistencies and grammatical errors and generally created unoriginal content that wasn’t useful. However, as technology advanced, so did AI writing generator tools.

As a result, you can now get original, useful content from high-quality AI writers. Some AI writing generator tools can even check themselves for plagiarism, streamlining one more step in the process. This helps businesses save both time and money, as they can generate quality content without doing as much work. 12 Best AI Writing Tools

1. Jasper.ai

Photo from Jasper.AI Which is the best AI writing tool? If you were to ask us, then Jasper.ai would certainly be at the top of our list. That’s because the AI writing assistant has several features that are useful for all kinds of writing.

For one, its artificial intelligence software can produce long-form, high-quality content for all kinds of businesses. The copywriting software can even mimic human-like writing styles, allowing it to produce marketing copies for large and small brands.

In addition, the content generator has tons of templates you can choose from to tailor your content even further. You can use templates for blog posts, articles, social media captions, YouTube descriptions, and more. All you have to do is choose a template, add the tone of voice, and input keywords. Afterward, Jasper will do all the work for you.

Apart from this, the AI writing generator can also write long-form articles and blog posts. All it needs is one sentence or paragraph from you and Jasper will do the rest. Alternatively, you can also use the built-in Conversion AI tool that continues writing your draft based on what’s already written. Lastly, Jasper.ai conveniently lives right on your browser so you don’t need to worry about installations.

Of course, all of these features mean that Jasper.ai does come with a price. For $59 monthly, you gain access to 15,000 words’ worth of content every month. That’s much more affordable than hiring ghostwriters who typically charge around $0.1 per word. 2. AI […]

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