Best Tips for Writing an Essay on Your Road to College

Best Tips for Writing an Essay on Your Road to College

Photo Starting college is exciting for many reasons. It is a brand new world with new people and new ways to organize one’s life. But it is also about the new curriculum and academic requirements.

Academic writing doesn’t come easy to everyone. But there is nothing wrong with that. Like any other skill, it can be learned and perfected with practice. It is better to start early and be ready to upgrade your skills throughout college.

Here are the best tips on essay writing to keep in mind. Gather Resources

Before you begin the semester, it is better to get prepared. Gather the resources you might need: Academic databases with relevant articles and studies;

Libraries, both online and offline available to you;

Platforms that offer expert tips;

Blog with examples of essays, etc.

It is great to learn from the experts, and lots of them offer advice online. For example, WritePaper is an academic writing platform that features excellent advice on its blog. The writers here also help students with writing, editing, proofreading, and formatting their papers. It is good to know that there is help out there. So, keep bookmarks on such resources so when you need them, they are easily accessible. Analyze the Assignment

Photo The first step to approaching the essay is to analyze the prompt given and understand what is required from you. If you do not get the question right, all the hard work goes to waste.

Start with questions like “what does the prompt ask you about?”. Define what the goal of this paper is. Also, think of what is required in terms of length and number of sources.

What kind of research does it require? How long will it take to conduct? Where can you find those sources?

Is there something the prompt is asking indirectly about? For example, whether you need to give your opinion on the matter.

Answering all those inquiries will help to create a roadmap for the future paper and the amount of work you need to do. Conduct Research Depending on the type of essay, research might take more or less time. But it has to be done correctly. Even if it is an opinion piece, one needs to evaluate what are the facts and evidence. Defining supporting evidence will help to create a clear thesis statement.And any opinion should also relate to proof.The main rules of academic research are: Always look at both sides of the argument; Use peer-reviewed sources, like studies, scientific articles, or surveys; Use scientific search engines to save time – for example, Google Scholar shows only peer-reviewed results to any search; Keep track of everything you read in a separate file, so you do not lose it. Also, think of what quotations you might include further. Save them right away with the link to the source or reference. Craft Thesis Statement A thesis statement is a sentence (maximum two sentences) that summarizes the topic and your position on it. It is the argument you will be […]

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