Writing in Your Second Language Made Easier

Writing in Your Second Language Made Easier

Successfully writing in your second language can be challenging, but no longer will you have to worry about it, especially for work or business. Fatih Sen, an innovator and a rising entrepreneur with a background in computer science-related fields, solves this pain with MagicNote , a startup he built recently.

MagicNote is an AI-powered online writing assistant tool that promises to improve the writing skills of multilingual professionals. Artificial intelligence gets a lot of press, but it’s about how you deal with data algorithmically at its foundation. MagicNote stands under the spotlight of this piece.

The Gap Between the First and Second Language

In the 1990s, people spoke in person or over the phone. However, with the arrival of the internet in the 2000s, communications changed dramatically. While people still use face-to-face or telephone conversations to communicate, they started incorporating digital writing systems such as email accounts, chat platforms, blogging sites, and social media channels.

In the same decade, Fatih–a computer science undergraduate student at the time–opened his world to emails. Before he sent his very first email to a professor, he had no idea what emails were. But as he was starting to appreciate such a novel way of communicating, he also realized a significant issue. When people started interacting over those communication channels, they found it hard to communicate and needed second language writing skills.

After graduating and landing a software engineering job in Turkey, Fatih also witnessed how most well-educated professionals could not communicate well with foreign people on the internet.

Although Fatih is currently an instructor with notably improved writing skills, he realized that no matter how good he was with his second language writing, he could never use it with the same proficiency as he did with his native tongue. But he wanted it to be close at least.

“ I have years of academic and business experience with master’s and PhD degrees, and I still need such a tool that can help make my writing better in real-time. I can’t imagine how much it would be needed by people whose second language is not enough to communicate, ” says Fatih. “ I have built MagicNote for myself and have been using it for a while with success. I love it because the platform suggests better versions of my writings on demand. Though there could be thousands of people like me going through the same challenge and would be interested in overcoming it by using MagicNote. “

The Birth of MagicNote

In the summer of 2021, Fatih started a data analysis side project named “ MagicNote .” Unfortunately, he had to freeze it due to the low market demand. But later in the same year, he discovered the Generative pre-trained transformer 3 (GPT-3) , an artificial intelligence technology that understands the intent of your input text and generates some output text accordingly.

Fatih had an epiphany. Realizing that artificial intelligence could help improve people’s writing skills in a foreign language, he went on a mission. He decided to develop […]

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