6 writing tools to help Sourcers get better at copywriting

6 writing tools to help Sourcers get better at copywriting

You already know this; writing is part of the sourcing job. And you, the sourcer, are already a copywriter.

Like copywriting, your primary job as a sourcer is getting a candidate to do something.

You want them to open your emails, look at your job opening, consider your company, and apply.

That means, anytime you write job advertisements, emails, InMails, text messages, LinkedIn Updates, tweets, etc., you are copywriting.

But let’s be honest: Most sourcers suck at writing.

And worse, we suck at direct response writing (aka writing to get responses, whether yes´s or no´s).

To be fair, we don’t get writing training. Why? I do not know when you consider just how much writing is part of the job.

But this could mean you have an opportunity to stand out from the pack in an industry filled with amateur writers.

Adding a little extra flair to your writing style and getting better at direct response copywriting could have a huge impact on your job. You can improve how you engage with candidates, write stellar job ads, and communicate better with hiring managers.

As a technical sourcer myself, I use multiple writing tools that make writing my writing a whole lot easier. Whether it’s fixing grammatical errors or doing research, these tools take the hard part out of my hard work.

I know some copywriting tools that can make writing easy for you and, on top of that, help you save time.

Let’s start with the most obvious…

Grammarly It’s always Grammarly first, eh?If your email copy has faulty grammar, it’s an awful way to try to begin a relationship.Spelling mistakes and typos imply that you are not serious about your message or the recipient.Not a great first impression to make on a prospect, is it? For example, sending an email that looks like this: Hi Elizabth, I wanted to reach out to share a useful ytool that might be of intrest to you. …will get you zero attention. Grammarly will easily detect all grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes, even the not-so-obvious ones, and offer the proper variant.But there’s more to good writing than grammar and spelling.Grammarly makes sure what you write is clear, compelling, and easy to read. Hemingway App I like to think “less is more.” And that’s where Hemingway App comes into playCandidates receive a ton of Linkedin Inmails and emails from recruiters every day. According to email receiving statistics, the average person receives over 100 emails per day. This means you only get a few seconds to make an impression and grab their attention swiftly. Your emails have to be concise and straight to the point. No other author embodied that approach more than Ernest Hemingway.The app is great for reducing the wordiness that tends to crop up in your writing. This tool will help make the pieces you write, whether emails, social media posts or job descriptions, more readable.You simply need to copy and paste your text into the editor, and the app will tell you what to improve. The […]

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