Are YOU a Bayern Munich fan? BFW is hiring writers and podcasters!

Are YOU a Bayern Munich fan? BFW is hiring writers and podcasters!

Bayern Munich is a club that never stands still, which makes covering it a round-the-clock effort. We here at Bavarian Football Works love that, because it gives us something to do. In the last few years though, the scope of that “something” has ballooned into an unimaginably huge undertaking. We’ve got so much happening right now, from news to analysis to multiple podcasts and so much else, that it’s hard to keep up.

We need help.

The thing, us folks here at BFW aren’t journalists — we’re just a bunch of fans talking about the club we love. And that’s the exact kind of person we’re looking for. If you wanna join our team, keep reading. Who should apply?

Bayern Munich fans, first and foremost. If you’re not a Bayern fan, then I’m sorry — you should probably look elsewhere. I’ve been doing this for a long time, and the folks who excel are the ones invested in the club.

We’ve had some AMAZING writers join this place and they’ve almost always had to drop out because their heart wasn’t in it. Look, this stuff gets tiring sometimes. Only your love of the club keeps you going.

In the end we’re not looking for super exceptional tacticians or folks with years of experience with online writing or content creation. We’re just looking for guys and gals with a burning passion for Bayern Munich. That’s rule #1. Everything else is secondary. That being said, here’s a list of some requirements. If you meet or exceed these criteria, consider applying:

Minimum requirements: Being an avid watcher of Bayern Munich games (at least the first team — Frauen and youth is a bonus).

A willingness to work with others and communicate with them openly.

Time to actually commit to your writing. It’s not a 9-5 job, but you’ll need a few free hours a week and some extra on matchdays.

A good grasp of the English language, so you can write articles.

Opinions about the club and a desire to share them.

Nice to haves: Prior writing or editorial experience.

German language knowledge. Differing takes. If you’ve disagreed with our opinions in the past, that’s great news! We’re always looking for dissenting opinions, it keeps things interesting. Stuff that doesn’t matter: Your age. We’ve got folks who are teenagers and at least one 200-year-old immortal who remembers Gerd Muller’s debut. I was 18 when I started this gig, now I’m 23. A lack of experience doesn’t matter, personally I learned everything AFTER getting the job. Your location. We’ve got writers from quite literally all over the world. We’ll work around your time zone, no issue. Your race/gender/sexual orientation/etc. I think this goes without saying, but Bayern fans are a family. As long as you support Bayern, you’re welcome here. What do we need? Basically everything! Regular news coverage, from breaking news to injury updates to Frauen and Campus news and everything else. Game coverage. […]

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