The Real Difference Between Content Writing and Copywriting

The Real Difference Between Content Writing and Copywriting

The entire industry often gets confused when using the terms of content writing and copywriting. Here are the main differences between the two.

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When speaking of digital markets and the recent norm of content marketing , a common dilemma arises. The entire industry often gets confused when using the terms of content writing and copywriting . Often, they place the idea under the same umbrella. Since both ideas are very closely linked to each other, there is yet a significant line of distinction between the two. The ideals of the two are also thoroughly different from each other, and even the objectives differ on the result. Nonetheless, the points of distinction are vague and cause ambiguity in the various professions and activities around the two.

Creativity is an imperative element in the content business . Both copywriting and content writing depend upon it for their survival. However, even the use of creativity is completely different, and the necessary skills in demand for the two are also a matter of prime difference. There is also a raging debate surrounding the responsibilities in both of these respective job roles. Many are divided over which is more challenging and which upholds the image of the product in the market. In the face of such questions and biased thoughts, here is an attempt to clear the clouds over the difference between copywriting and content writing. Definition

Content writing can be defined as the description of the product in layman’s terms. It is a deep dive into the nature of the product, the features of the product, the utility of the product and the durability of the product. This form of writing is aimed at educating the consumer in terms of the product or service they buy or rent. The intricate information available about the product is maintained through content writing. The writer goes through a session of product study , its benefits and its flaws. They then draft the content, which informs the customer about every aspect of their purchase. Blog posts , FAQ sections, how-to articles, detailed product descriptions, email newsletters and ebooks are all examples of content writing.

Copywriting is not such a comprehensive, detailed reading of the content. It is aimed at the consumer with the sole purpose of driving their decision to purchase. Content marketing is the primary objective of copywriting. They intend to attract customers with engaging and catchy lines and phrases to grab their attention. The copy of a marketing campaign usually highlights the product as the efficient commodity missing from the consumer’s life. It is also based on market and field research and is drafted solely keeping in mind the preference of the consumer. The data from the research is to read the needs of the customer and target the phrases at those points. That objective achieved is the birth of a successful campaign . Examples of copywriting would be taglines, billboards, brochures, radio scripts, TV scripts and magazine brochures. Key responsibilities


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