How Writing Benefits Our Mental Health

How Writing Benefits Our Mental Health

Journalist Somer Slobodian weighs in on the power of words written down on paper.

Getty Images In Sophie Grégoire’s latest episode of It’s OK To Not Be OK , she chats with poet and best-selling author Tyler Knott Gregson . They both discuss how much writing positively contributes to our mental health, as it’s able to relieve all of society’s noise. Gregson reveals that he had been diagnosed with autism at an early age. He says writing actually soothed his condition as a child, as it became a sense of relief from all the pressure built up in his brain. Throughout the episode, Grégoire praised the level of vulnerability in Gregson’s writing. He says this was mostly due to the constant exposure to feminine energy in his life.

Somer Slobodian is a journalist from Niagara Falls. Writing has been part of her life for several years now and says that it’s always been an outlet that made her feel good. We chat with her about writing’s ultimate power, and how much of its practice we can truly benefit from.

How long have you been writing?

I’ve been writing for pretty much as long as I can remember. Professionally, only since the past three-ish years. Ever since I was in high school, whether it would be writing fiction, journaling my thoughts, or even stories about myself. I’ve always been drawn to creating that and getting lost in them.

What do you think are some of writing’s therapeutic benefits?

So many. For journaling, I like to talk about my feelings and what’s going on in my day-to-day life. It helps me feel more at ease and relaxed. Even writing professionally, from writing listicles to any other type of piece that helps other people. It makes me feel good about myself because it means I’m doing something right. It’s also sort of meditating even. I say that because you’re able to get the words out there. Whatever you’re trying to say, even if you’re just writing something silly or a prompt; anything that feels good to you. It’s a feel-good exercise to do. It has definitely helped me to grow as a person. It’s helped me through some things, especially when it comes to my mental health.

How has writing allowed you to manage your daily stresses and anxieties?

Sometimes when I find myself becoming anxious about what other people are thinking about me, I start to write down my thoughts about it. It helps in bringing me back to reality and observing what I’m thinking. Being able to write it down and see it on paper, tells me that maybe I overreacted. I can feel a bit calmer after that. Because it feels like you’re actually telling someone what’s on your mind without actually telling them. You’re just telling yourself, but it does feel like you’re sharing something, and that’s therapeutic. It does help bring my stress levels down.

How has writing helped you gain perspective when facing tough times?

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