A1 Writing Tools: The Top or a Flop-

A1 Writing Tools: The Top or a Flop-

After 3 year absence, Australian foreign minister to meet with Chinese Reports say Qatar World Cup stadiums will be free of beer, alcohol Chaos in Sri Lanka, protesters storm president’s house Polish PM: Russia hacked, forged, leaked government emails For affiliate marketers and other entrepreneurs looking to churn out high-volume content, AI writing tools are God-sent. Unfortunately, the tools are terrifying for content writers and copywriters, as they feel the tools are a threat to their livelihood.

Is this true?

A world Economic Forum report projects that machines and automation will displace 85 million jobs by 2025, which as you can guess, can cause a lot of discomfort to content creators.

Does this mean that AI will replace content writers?

To answer this question, we need to understand how the tools work. AI-powered tools can only create basic content that doesn’t require original research or expertise.

This means that if you are a basic writer, the AI writing tools might replace you, but if you are an excellent writer who researches and even incorporates storytelling in their content, you shouldn’t worry, as the tools will never replace you. Use AI writing tools as assistants, not as writers.

As mentioned, the writing tools produce basic content, so you can’t use them as a replacement for talented writers. Besides this, the tools have several other flaws that drive the message home why they are a wrong substitute for human writers. These flaws include: They don’t understand the strategy.

The tools don’t understand your business objectives and how to achieve them. They also don’t understand the buyer’s journey and where the content is trying to take them.

For example, AI writing tools won’t understand if you are looking to move your customer from awareness to action. It’s up to you to tailor your message accordingly. AI tools aren’t creative.

Artificial intelligence works with a given data that is then transformed into a written format such as an article or product description.

While the tools will write content when you feed them with seed keywords, one thing will always stand out when you read the content-it will always sound robotic.

This means you still have to come back and give it a human touch that adds emotion.

Over the years, consumers have evolved and are now heavily influenced by brand stories, and most of them will buy from brands they feel connected to.If stories are part of your brand strategy, you can’t use AI writing tools, as they aren’t creative. AI doesn’t check facts. If you have used AI writing tools before, you should have noticed that it pulls data already collected by human writers. And the bad side is that the tools have no way to fact-check the data to confirm that it’s correct.The tools also have no way of researching and coming up with original data-they have to rely on whatever is already there. AI tools don’t understand brand essence. Since AI tools don’t understand your brand message, culture, purpose, and values, they can’t produce […]

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