How to Write an Email Asking for a Job Opportunity (With Example)

How to Write an Email Asking for a Job Opportunity (With Example)

Finding a job is no easy business, but it’s easier when you know how to approach recruiters. In this guide, let’s take a look at how to write an email asking for a job opportunity. We’ll also walk you through the first few things you should do before sending out job inquiry emails. 4 Things to Do Before Writing a Job Inquiry Email

1. Update Your Resume

The first thing an interested recruiter is going to ask you is your resume, so it’s best to update it before you send out any job inquiry emails. You can add all the skills you learned, achievements you earned, and training you received since your last revision.

This is also a good time to revamp your resume entirely if the old one doesn’t accurately represent your progress. Remember to quantify your skills and achievements , as numbers are easier to trust than vague, unquantifiable claims. 2. Refine Your Career Objectives

Your career objectives may have changed over the years, and you might be looking for a different role than the one you perform at your current job. In that case, you should consider writing down your new career objectives to get more clarity.

It’s very likely this will be one of the questions your job interviewer will ask you if they liked your email and want to assess your goals and competence. Listing your career objectives helps you better understand why you want the new job. 3. List Down Your Non-Negotiables

Before sending out those emails, you need to decide how far you’re willing to settle to get the job. Just like your career objectives, list your non-negotiables to better analyze whether a potential employer’s offer is acceptable to you.

Choose your non-negotiables based on your household budget, your lifestyle, medical needs, the people dependent on you, and more. Alongside the base salary, remember to account for the benefits offered by each employer. 4. Research the Company

Instead of sending the same cookie-cutter email to every company, you can try making a better first impression by personalizing your emails by including something specific about the companies you apply to.

For instance, you can take a quick look at the company’s blog, mission and vision statement, or About Us page. You can use the info you find from these sources to personalize your email and write about, say, how well the company’s vision aligns with yours. Little things like this help ensure that you’ll stand out from other job applicants . Checklist for Writing Job Inquiry Emails

Now that you know what to do before sending out job inquiry emails, it’s time to actually start writing those drafts. Refer to this 6-point checklist to make sure you don’t miss anything out. 1. Write a Simple and Informative Subject Line

The subject line should be such that the intent of your email is immediately obvious; it shouldn’t leave anything up for open interpretation. Something as simple as “Job Inquiry for Senior Designer | John Doe” works.

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