How to Promote Yourself on LinkedIn as a Writer: 7 Tips and Tools

How to Promote Yourself on LinkedIn as a Writer: 7 Tips and Tools

Becoming a professional writer requires, of course, for you to be a good writer. However, that’s only half of the battle. You must also learn how to promote yourself to get more eyes on your work.

When used correctly, you can make LinkedIn one of your most powerful tools for growing a freelance business. And if you’re interested in getting an in-house job instead, you can also use the platform to excellent effect.

This article will identify the top features on LinkedIn that you should use to promote yourself and your services as a writer. 1. Use the Featured Section

When marketing yourself as a writer , you must showcase your best work. Your samples will help anyone who is considering working with you make a split decision about whether they should contact you.

The Featured section on your profile is excellent for showcasing your best articles. You can share anything you’re proud of writing for clients, along with relevant pieces on your website.

When using the Featured section, you can add links from external sites and publish articles of your own natively. You also have the choice to add media or posts; to access all of these, click on the + icon in the box’s top right-hand corner. 2. Upgrade Your About Section

Let’s say you’re searching for a product online, and you encounter a company you’ve never previously heard of. When you visit their website, you probably check out their About page before deciding whether you’ll make a purchase.

If you’re looking to build a successful writing career, you must understand that potential clients and employers will want to learn more about you. As such, you should make the best possible impression, and your LinkedIn About section is an excellent starting point.

You don’t need a long About section. However, you should clearly state your writing specialty areas—and what you can offer. Adding contact information is also wise.

To edit this section on your profile, hit the About box’s pencil icon . Once done, hit Save in the bottom right-hand corner. 3. Use the “Provides Services” Feature

Freelance writers should have a website ; you can do much worse than making one if you’re looking for full-time employment. However, many potential clients and hiring managers might find your LinkedIn profile first. You want to ensure they know what they’re getting if they do.

LinkedIn has a handy tool that lets you showcase the services you provide in a nutshell. You can choose your specialty skills and select the regions you’re open to accepting jobs from. Moreover, LinkedIn allows you to add a short description of what you do in more detail. As a writer, you can add skills like copywriting, blogging, and search engine optimization (SEO).

To update this feature, go to the Add Services section at the top of your page. Update everything as you feel is necessary before selecting Save . 4. Activate Creator Mode Many people make the same mistakes on LinkedIn , and not using its features to their maximum potential is […]

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