Ulysses review

Ulysses review

The Ulysses note-taking app is a leader in its category. The user interface is stellar and enjoyable. It has many features to help you keep notes productively. The main drawback lies in being expensive. + Comprehensive features

– No web-based interface

In 2011, two German entrepreneurs, Marcus Fehn and Max Seelemann, founded the company behind Ulysses . Before then, they had spent over a decade creating text processing software for macOS users. As the story goes, Marcus wanted to write a novel but struggled to find a suitable tool. He then built a personal text processing tool that morphed into Ulysses over time.

Ulysses was initially a macOS-only app, and versions for the iOS and iPadOS came later. The app won an Apple Design Award in 2016, giving it formal recognition from the company whose software system it develops apps for.

Tens of thousands of people globally chose Ulysses as their go-to note-taking app and often praise it for helping them write productively. We decided to check for ourselves if the app deserved the commendations showered on it. Ulysses at Amazon for $1.99

Ulysses: Plans and pricing

The Ulysses app is strictly paid, with no free version, and you can pay monthly or yearly. It costs $5.99 per month and $49.99 per year, implying a significant discount if you choose the yearly plan. You can take advantage of the 14-day free trial period for each plan.

Not having a free version is a disadvantage because many competing apps offer free versions to lure users and entice them to upgrade to a premium version if they’re satisfied. But, we don’t think it poses a significant problem given the app’s target market of professional writers. (Image credit: Ulysses) Ulysses: Features

There’s no web-based version of the Ulysses app, which we consider a disadvantage. You must download it on your iPhone, iPad, or MacBook to use it. To do this, just head to the Apple App Store, search for the app and download it right away.

Creating notes on Ulysses is easy. The app’s text editor has a minimalist feel and has fewer distractions than typical text processing software. The idea is that you should focus on writing when using the editor, and handle formatting afterward.

A great feature of Ulysses is its in-built grammar and style checking tool. This tool checks your writing and points out grammatical errors for you to correct. It also analyzes your text and provides suggestions concerning capitalization, punctuation, semantics, redundancy, and style. Basically, it helps you become a better writer, and it’s available not just in English but in over 20 other languages.

Once you’re done creating your text, you can save it as PDFs, Word documents, or e-books. You can also export it as an HTML code ready for any website on the web. Likewise, the Ulysses app has direct integration with blogging platforms like WordPress, Ghost, Medium, and Micro.blog. The integration allows you to post articles directly from the Ulysses app to these blogging platforms, with a […]

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