7 Ways You Can Use Canva as a Freelance Writer

7 Ways You Can Use Canva as a Freelance Writer

Freelance writing often involves more than just writing. As a freelancer, you’re also a business owner—regardless of whether you think so. In addition to publishing articles, you need to market yourself, close client deals, and pitch to new prospective companies to work with.

As you become more established, you’ll probably want to begin developing your brand. And when the time comes to do that, tools like Canva can help you produce eye-catching designs without spending significant money.

This article will identify some of the top ways freelance writers can use Canva to stand out. 1. Making Infographics

Since your job will largely involve writing for others, starting a blog section on your website is an excellent way to promote your expertise. On top of that, you might build an audience interested in what you have to say.

Blog posts are powerful lead magnets and provide tremendous value. However, you can repurpose the content you write to reach even more people; infographics are a great way to do this.

You can use infographics to highlight key statistics and share the article’s most useful information with your audience. Canva has a wide selection of templates from which you can create infographics, and you can start from scratch if none of them appeal to you. 2. Creating Business Cards

Networking is one of the most essential skills you need to grow a successful freelance business. You’ll find many interesting people to connect with regardless of your industry.

A website that clearly says what you do is a good starting point. But what should you do if you meet people in real life that want to learn more about you? Instead of giving them a lengthy pitch on the spot, you can consider giving them a business card.

Your business card should include a link to your website. However, you’ll also need to add other forms of contact information—such as your email address and phone number. Canva lets you customize numerous business card templates that you can use digitally and physically. 3. Using Templates for Resumes

If the thought of sending a cold email fills you with dread, don’t worry. Freelancers use several methods to find work, including applying for openings. If you want to adopt this particular approach, many clients will ask for a resume highlighting your work experience.

You can have plenty of fun creating your resume , including experimenting with different styles. If you’re used to writing bland documents, why not try varying fonts and colors? Doing so is a particularly good idea if you plan to write for a creative agency or something similar.

Canva has various resume templates you can use, and you can customize them however you feel necessary. You can add pictures of yourself, along with logos and much more. 4. Putting Together Manual Documents

Freelance writing is a very broad term that covers multiple niches. One of the lesser-known fields is technical writing, which often involves putting together documents like instruction booklets. While some companies will handle the design in-house, you might—if you’re […]

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