10 Best Free Apps To Improve Your Writing

10 Best Free Apps To Improve Your Writing

Regardless of talent or experience level, everyone can use tips to help improve their writing skills. Whether a young student, professional scribe, aspiring author, or somewhere in between, the best writers are unafraid of taking advice and consistently applying it to their work in order to make great creative strides.

Luckily, in 2022 there is no shortage of cost-free digital applications specifically designed to improve a writer’s daily process while upgrading the quality of the results. From idea-generating tools and daily writing assignments to helpful visual layouts and minimized workspaces, the best free writing apps currently available offer a little something for everyone. 750 Words

As every writer knows, practice makes perfect. The more someone writes, the quicker they can become an expert. One great free app to help people get into the daily habit of writing consistently is 750 Words , an app that encourages writers to stay committed by completing 750 words a day (roughly 3 standard pages). The app automatically tracks a writer’s word count and rewards points for each completed assignment, allowing a fun way for the users to compile monthly scores. With over 555,000 free users to date, 750 Words is ideal for those who need extra motivation to stay in the creative process day in and day out. Daily Page

Sometimes, all a writer needs is a swift kick in the pants to get the creative juices flowing. One helpful free writing app that encourages its users to consistently stay active is Daily Page , which provides prompts and specific writing assignments every day to ensure a writer stays focused and in the groove at all times. A great tool to get writers into the habit of being comfortable with writing on a daily basis, Daily Pages also forces its users to get used to staring at a blank page, a crippling reality that often deters writers from progressing. Users can either receive daily reminders or emails that provide writing prompts or choose to free-write their own topics, with the app tracking past assignments to monitor improvement as well. EverNote

Organization is every writer’s best friend. The more orderly they can keep their thoughts, the clearer their writing will eventually become. Enter EverNote , a free app (with monthly limits and paid upgrades) designed for note taking, organizing, task management, and archiving. As such, a perfect tool for keeping a writer’s scattered thoughts and important notes in one organized area. While many use EverNote for checklists, note-taking, to-do lists, and other short-form scribblings, the 60 MB of free ram allows for more expressive long-form writing assignments that users can think of. If nothing else, EverNote is ideal for ensuring writer’s meet their deadlines on time. FocusWriter

Given the multitude of devices, gadgets, and screens that vie for everyone’s attention, remaining focused in 2022 is harder than it’s ever been. For writers who require deeper concentration to finish assignments and stay focused on the task at hand, FocusWriter is a free app specifically engineered to […]

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