7 Tips To Make Your Writing Portfolio Discoverable In Google Search

7 Tips To Make Your Writing Portfolio Discoverable In Google Search

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I’ve always been a writer.

Since I learned to put pencil to paper, I’ve been writing stories, poems, plays, and anything else that put my imagination into words.

When I discovered blogging, I quickly realized that SEO and writing make a smart match. It became apparent that I’d need to optimize for organic search if I wanted readers to find my content.

Over time, I’ve turned writing into a lucrative business and, later, a full-on SEO career.

Along the way, I’ve learned some tricks to getting a writing portfolio found by potential clients.

If you’re a content writer or copywriter, use these SEO tips to make your writing portfolio more discoverable online. First, How Do You Create A Writing Portfolio?

There are many different types of content portfolios.

In fact, you don’t even need a website to showcase your work.

You can use something as simple as a folder in Google Drive to house your content examples and share them with clients.

You can post articles on LinkedIn.You can even save your work as PDFs and send them to potential clients.However, if you want to rank your portfolio in organic search, having a website is likely the best way to go.That gives you the most flexibility when optimizing your content, earning referral traffic, linking to live examples, and much more.So, for this article, I’ll go over how to use your website to house and link to specific examples of your published works. 1. Subscribe To An SEO Keyword Research Tool SEO tools like Semrush , Ahrefs , and SpyFu allow you to identify the key terms people use to find services like yours.They can quantify how many people (i.e., “users”) are searching for a term, how competitive that term is, and whether other websites are targeting it.A subscription to an SEO tool is essential because you’ll have access to real data to inform your SEO strategy.You’ll be able to research which keywords to target in your web page content and what topics to write about on your blog.Further, you can use SEO tools to uncover the keywords your competitors are targeting.For instance, you can enter a competitor’s domain into the SEO tool, see their keywords, and apply them to your own SEO strategy.Many of these tools adopt a “freemium” model where you get certain features for free.Others have a monthly subscription fee.Having access to a reliable SEO tool will make all the difference! 2. Plan And Launch Your Portfolio Website If you already have a website, you can use SEO tools to determine the keywords you should target on your existing web pages.For example, if you have a page about SEO content writing services, you might want to use the term “seo content writing services” (search volume: 720) in your page content, title, and description.Do this for as many pages on your website as it applies.If you are building a new website […]

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