Best Tips and Tricks for Writing in Microsoft Word

Best Tips and Tricks for Writing in Microsoft Word

Do you write a lot of texts professionally or are you studying and currently working on a scientific paper? In order to have a good effect on text in the future, we will show you some tricks that you may not necessarily find in Microsoft Word immediately.

Microsoft Word is the most widely used program for writing text. It offers many possibilities for text editing, design and improvement. Word users will certainly already be familiar with the standard functions. But the program has many more features, some of which are quite hidden. We present the best tips and tricks for Microsoft Word. Tip 1: Customize the Design

By default, Word appears in light mode. If this bothers you, you can personalize the design via File – Options – General – Microsoft Office Copy. You can choose between a gray or dark color scheme, and there is even a colorful design available. Tip 2: Template

Are you writing a newsletter or do you have to submit a report regularly? Word provides you with various templates for this. Under “File” you’ll find several template examples for all possible areas of the application at the top. No matter whether you want to create vouchers, write greeting cards, blog articles or generate the next annual report, you’ll find professionally designed templates here. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

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Word documents have long been saved directly as PDFs. The function of opening PDFs directly in Word is relatively new. Opening works just like a Word document. A version designed for Word then appears on the screen, which you can edit and change as you normally would. Tip 4: Focus

The “View” tab now offers the option to work in a focused manner. Clicking “Focus” makes the menu bar disappear. The word then appears like the famous blank sheet of paper waiting to be written on. There are no distractions from any of the menu functions. Tip 5: Office Lenses

Photographing text using a smartphone is as practical as dictating text. The Microsoft Office Lens app is available for free in well-known stores. Office Lens converts photographed text into a Word document that you can edit immediately. Tip 6: Dictate

There’s also a new dictation function in the “Start” tab. A very practical function that saves a lot of typing work, especially with long text passages.

Dictating text makes sense above all when you want to insert excerpts from another text in your own document. Even though not everything on the screen is completely error free, dictating the text can save a lot of time.

We explain exactly how this function works here: Effortlessly dictate text in Microsoft Word Tip 7: Pictures and Pictographs

If you want to make your text clear, Word will provide you with suitable images, graphics and pictograms. To do this, look under the “Insert” tab for the item “Pictogram”. There you have countless freely available […]

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