I’m Building a Custom AI Writer for Each of My Websites

I’m Building a Custom AI Writer for Each of My Websites

Image by the Author via Canva I’ve been thinking about this for a while.

I’ve done some preliminary research, but it’s a topic that’s a little bit outside of my wheelhouse. So it’s not easy-going.

Yet, I’m creating a custom AI writer for each of my self-hosted websites.

In this article, I’ll share with you how I’m building my AI writers, the tools I’m using, and how these writers will help me automate content creation for my sites. Why I’m Building Custom AI Writers from Scratch

I’m not building bots because I’m lazy or hate writing.

I’m doing it because I’m primarily a one-man operation with too many websites to handle by myself.

Building a custom AI writer has many benefits.

The most obvious benefit is that you can train the AI to write in your specific niche. For example, if you have a website about gardening, you can train the AI to write about gardening.

This is much more effective than using a general AI writer.

Most AI writers know a little bit about everything but aren’t an expert in any one thing. Another benefit of building your own AI writer is that you can train it to write in your preferred style and format.

For example, if you like short, concise sentences (like I do), you can train the AI to write in that style. Or if you prefer a more conversational tone, you can train the AI to write like that.

Again, that’s me in a nutshell.

The possibilities are endless. And when you have an AI writer that is specifically trained for your website, your niche, and your writing style, the results will be better than anything else out there. Now, imagine having an AI writer custom built for each of your websites: Your gardening website Your My Little Pony website (I’m not judging) Your finance website How I’m Building My Own AI Writers I‘m not a coder.But I am using Riku.ai (not an affiliate link) to train my own AI models with APIs on my specific blog niche and style.I’m doing this by feeding the AI lots of my content. This means that I’m copying and pasting a ton of my articles from one of my websites into the Riku.ai prompt-builder. Then I’m choosing the AI model I want to work with (I am really liking OpenAI Davinci at the moment). I’m only uploading content from one of my websites into the AI prompts at a time.Why?Because I’m building one AI writer for one of my sites at a time.I create one niche-focused prompt at a time. The prompt I usually start with is the paragraph generator. That’s the heart and soul of my blog writing so I wanted to start there.So far, so good.After I adequately train the AI on my niche and style, I’m then building prompt chains to automatically generate the introduction, every paragraph under a subheading, and a conclusion.It’s working pretty well so far.And it’s allowing me to scale my content production in a way that wouldn’t be […]

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