23 Tools to Make Your Website Thrive

As technologies change, influencing every strata of life, one thing remains the same.

Whether you’re running a sock business in a dimly-lit Hong Kong alleyway or late for your 9:30 on 12 th Street, we all want the same success. Online websites being the most effective tool for sales ever since the invention of the printing press.

Look, it is easy enough to run a website, but it is not so easy to run a profitable website. In this article, you’ll get an overview of some essential tools that’ll kick start your website and bring that success you’ve been chasing for so long. If Marketing 101 taught us anything, it all starts with an effective brand name. Or in our case, a memorable and recognizable domain name. I mean, who wouldn’t want to buy a new vacuum cleaner from the likes of ‘maxpower.com’?

Therefore, our first step is just that.

Using WhoIS.net , you’ll be able to input creative domain ideas to your heart’s content. You’ll receive information such as domain availability, the price for purchasing; along with yearly fees, potential alternative names and possibly even the contact information for domains already taken—so you can negotiate a solution.

For an alternative, try WhoZat . This tool has a unique feature that checks the email address attached to the domain, letting you know if someone’s squatting on it. Or WHOisology , allowing search by keywords, helping you select a domain that is truly unique. For some, the idea of creating a website can seem daunting. An important reality is that how your website looks is a huge selling point.

Wait a second, this is the 21 st century after all, where internet-related processes have been simplified and a bachelor in Computer Science is no longer needed to create your first “Hello World”.

This is where CMS’ such as WordPress come in. They’ve gone ahead and created complete templates that’ll fit any sized shoe of the industry, taking much hassle out of the initial steps of web design.

WordPress is famous for its easy setup process, with some web hosts (like Fantastico) providing tools to install it all behind the scenes. For a rundown on setting up, check out the official guide , and for mastering the SEO side of WordPress, check out our write-up .

For bonus inspiration in creative brand names, there are WordPress’ two biggest rivals— Joomla or Drupal , both offering unique features. I recommend reading this comparison to get a full understanding. Don’t forget that mobile browsing constitutes over 50% of all website traffic nowadays. By using magic and trickery that could only be done by Google, you’ll be delivering instant page-loading and clean websites to your mobile users.

The project begins right at the drawing board; while you’re thinking about how your website will come together, consider the audience you’ll be attracting and the platforms they’re on.

If you’ve got a sizeable crowd visiting from mobile, Google AMP could be exactly what you’ve been waiting for.

Google AMP is one hell of a beast and deserves a […]

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