23 Top PPC Experts You Should Follow in 2019

Smart recommendations to make Google Ads profitable Opteo continuously monitors Google Ads accounts for statistically significant patterns. When something comes up, Opteo suggests an improvement backed up by real data. Opteo also helps monitor performance trends, track spending & get alerts when you need them. Learn More→ Want to learn more about PPC and keep up on the constant changes and news? Engage in the industry with paid search specialists who have a passion for everything in search and social that is pay-per-click advertising. There are several amazing people who specialize in PPC and have become experts in paid search marketing for many years. The majority have certifications, “top” list recognition, awards, and have contributed to the development of Google and Bing search engines’ ad platform offerings themselves by providing their technical feedback. They share strategies, tactics, tips, tools, data, and so much more on social media and at conferences – as well as in articles, research, and blog posts! You will definitely learn something new every day from this list of paid search experts. Follow them to get tips and stay on top of industry news. Here were the basic criteria for the list research: Are they currently doing PPC or contributing directly to the industry? Do they present PPC at conferences, webinars, podcasts, etc.? Do they share relevant PPC content or insights on social media? Do they write useful content about PPC for books, ebooks, blogs, publications? The main idea of this post is to help you find interesting people who have PPC knowledge and are willing to share what they know. This is just one way Search Engine Journal is able to direct you to PPC professionals who can help you improve at your job and advance your career. Rather than go in alphabetical order by last name, I decided to use the same tool used for the SEO list: this list randomizer to give everyone a fair shot at where they appear. After checking out this experts, download and share our PPC guide. Happy optimizing! Adam Proehl Partner & Co-Founder of NordicClick Interactive, Adam has shared his knowledge speaking at more conferences than can be counted. Adam is a stellar manager, but also hands-on in digging into the data, and helping smart people grow their business. For Adam’s best tips, attend his conference sessions and read his articles on Search Engine Journal. Daniel Gilbert Daniel shares his industry knowledge through speaking at industry conferences and his columns for search publications. He shares PPC news and conference takeaways on Twitter. Pauline Jakober Pauline Jakober is a speaker and the founder of Group Twenty Seven. As well as a regular contributor to Search Engine Journal, she regularly shares PPC tips and news on Twitter. Frederick Vallaeys As a former Google Ads evangelist and founder of Optmyzr, Frederick Vallaeys is an expert on scripts, reports, and automations. He is also a long-time industry international speaker and writer. Brad Geddes The premier Google Ads seminar leader and trainer, Brad […]

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