4 Most Effective Methods For Promoting Your Blog Posts

Woman working at pc in the bar or airport vip lounge Getty So you’ve just written and published a great blog post. It offers value to your readers, it’s super detailed and it has an awesome headline . But…people aren’t flocking to see it yet. Maybe you shared it on your social channels. Maybe you even paid for a couple of ads to get more traction. But still – you need more traffic. Where do you get it? In this blog post, I’m going to share 4 most effective methods for promoting your blog posts . Some are quick wins – methods that will get you traffic quickly and effectively. Others take time – but they’re definitely worth the effort if you’re willing to put in the time. Let’s get right into those tactics: 1. How to promote your blog post on social media – the right way Social media network communication Getty Sharing your blog post on social media can seem easy. You write a short blurb about the blog post, you add the link, you stick an image on it and that’s it. You might share it a few more times in the weeks to come, but that’s about it. YOU MAY ALSO LIKE If that’s your current social media strategy, there are ways to massively improve it. Here are some of my best tips for promoting your blog posts on social media: Optimize your updates for different social networks : each social network is different and their users have different expectations. Whenever you share a blog post, in order to maximize your results, try optimizing your updates for each social network in turn – and that means everything, the text update and the imagery used to promote it Keep promoting your blog posts regularly : if your content is evergreen – or at the very least, for as long as it is still relevant – you should continue to share it out on your social media channels regularly. On Twitter, you can do this more frequently (once every few days, for example), while on other social networks (like Facebook or LinkedIn) you can re-share it once a week or every few weeks, depending on how much you normally post. To help with this, you can use a social media tool with queue features, like Agorapulse , which allows you to create numerous queues for your posts. Each queue has its own schedule so as you add updates to each queue, the tool will automatically share them out at the times and dates you initially set. This way, you don’t have to schedule or publish each post manually and you can even have the updates republished regularly and completely automatically Leverage groups : Facebook has some groups specifically created for sharing blog posts (they kind of work like a blogging community); however, those shares might not always be from your target audience. Instead, join relevant niche groups (on Facebook, LinkedIn) and be active regularly – check their […]

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